Lucifuge Rofocale is not mentioned in religious scripts or mythologies. What makes Lucifuge Rofocale a darker being is that he doesn’t influence the pop culture. He has specific literature, which leads to that either people know exactly who he is or they have absolutely no clue. He is a rare figure; he is only in the occult literature without folklore, pop culture, mythology, fantasy, etc..


The Grand Grimoire is a book from 1900, in which Lucifuge Rofocale is mentioned. In this book, he is also known as the “Red Dragon”.  There are all kinds of information, from full-fledged evocation to herbal alchemy. 

The contents are very interesting. There are, for example, much of herbal alchemy instructions and exact chemicals, like arsenic, sulfate, copper, etc..

It’s because, at this time, the chemistry became significantly more organized and developed. There is even a chemical recept fort the „Philosopher’s Stone“.

But what also interesting is, is the list of the demons. In this book are many demons that are not mentioned literally, the most important demon is the Prime Minister, Lucifuge Rofocale.

There are also democratic ranks like Prime Minister instead of aristocratic ranks like Count, Duke, Earl, etc.. The book says that the Prime Minister, Lucifuge Rofocale, is more important as the Emperor Lucifer.

The evocation is very similar to the Ars Goetia (Ars Gotia: Draw Jesus‘ names, cut a wand from a special tree at a specific hour, use of incense, skin-an-animal, etc.). However, it is far more complex and very specific.

Usually, you evoke Lucifuge Rofocale to ask him that he will lead you to hidden treasures, but then you have to promise him that you will do rituals for the rest of your life; otherwise, he will take all your treasures or your soul. 



This is another departure from the traditions of Grimoire. It makes the infernal hierarchy easier, but over-complicates rituals with pointless actions. It boils everything down to treasure, which you get from the „Devil“ (In exchange, you have to be loyal to him) instead of that what a magician wants.


I think you should know why grimoire is so important. Grimoire inspired the Hollywood depiction of all Occultists and is the first that brought these concepts in notoriety. The Grand Grimoire expresses everything without any mystical commitment or allegory. This has a strong component, especially in things like praying, fasting, biblical symbolism, and taking astrological times.


Lucifuge Rofocale is a spirt from the Grand Grimoire and is the so-called "devil". He is the opposite of father Lucifer. Lucifuge is associated with Saturn, Lucifer, on the other hand, with the Sun. Of course, illumination, rebellion, and knowledge not anymore seen as negative in this century.

On the other hand, is wealth and discipline secrecy and obscurity. If Lucifer is the cosmic rebel, a fallen angel,  the one who teaches forbidden knowledge, then is Lucifuge Rofocale, the darkness, the one who protects wealth and guard gates, hides knowledge. If you take the biblical “Devil”, then the dark aspects are from Lucifuge, and the rebellious aspects are from Lucifer.


The „Devil“, who the most people fear, is then Lucifuge. His name plays with Lucifer’s name. I think that in the 19th Century, it became clear that Lucifer ist he Bringer of Light. However, Lucifuge is the exact opposite; he is the one who seeks refuge from the light. If Lucifuge is is the hidden wealth under the Earth in eternal darkness until it is unearthed, then can Lucifer symbolized as a burning torch.


Lucifuge has not the most prominent role in the Hermetic Kabbalah and the Occult. On the Qlipoth, he is on the third sphere, which is called Satariel (Dawn Of God).

Because Lucifuge dwells in a maze, some say that he rules the Vision of Sorrow. Upon being crossed, this experience can give you a good vision of supernatural light. Satariel rules the third eye. The crone reveals the Divine Mother; Mater Dolores turns to Virgin Mary, Kaali turns to Shakti, the Vision of Sorrow turns to the Vision of Light. Use the following enn to call him:

Eyen Tasa Valocur Lucifuge Rofocale

Lucifuge is a tricky God (as all Saturnian Gods/Spirits), and it’s easy to make him angry. But you can make a pact with him for wealth or his powers to manifest your desires.


Let’s start with the preparation; you can find the Sigil in the thumbnail or here

The best day to invoke him is in the hour of Saturn on Saturday in the night.

Draw this Sigil with red ink on a parchment paper and write his enn down. Now place two candles on each side of you and face north. Then meditate for about 30min on your Pineal Gland and Third eye. After that, call the powers of Saturn, say Lucifuge’s enn about 10 to 20 times, and meditate on the Sigil. But beware: have no fear! It’s important.

You should be also be experienced, invoke him not as your first God/Spirit.