New Feature:

🔥 Join A Coven Or Create Your Own Coven to unify with your occult and spiritual brothers and sisters.

Each coven can be unique & special. While some coven might be for white magick witches other coven can be about “The old ones from the necronomicon” or anything else. Be free & create your own following with your own coven.

You can create your own coven when you click the “+” icon at the navigation-bar at the top.


🔥 Post moderation was lowered down from minimum 100 reputation points to 50 reputation points.

If you have verified your email and you have 50 reputation points then you can post without your post getting moderated first.

You gain reputation points by commenting, replying, and creating posts.


🔥 In the next 1-2 weeks our private messaging feature should be up and running.

(Might take us only days - let’s hope for the best. It’s a lot coding for the developers.)