Past Life Regression (Guide)

Past Life Regresson
Past Life Regresson

You make yourself comfortable in a relaxed area and find your deep relaxation. Breathe in, hold it, and breathe out – each step should take several seconds. Just try and find the time that is suitable most for you. Never strain yourself! 


You try to reach a deep trance state while you do this several times and find your relaxation until you no longer feel your body. Concentrate on your inside and to your back and free fall. Deeper and deeper until you find your deep trance state. 


Visualize how you enter into a door in your mind by saying to yourself, "I enter into my past life". You can just ask your mind to regress to a particular year maybe, or into a specific stage of your life. Look around, and probably you want to ask questions.


To go back several lifetimes, go through another door and tell yourself you are entering the previous lifetime. For going forward use the same technic.


To come back again, walk back through the door into presence.