A truly mysterious wonder-working formula is contributed by the cele- brated Kabalist Raf Amram, which is said to possess the especial virtue to protect and defend him, who, after the morning prayer, prays it with proper reverence during a whole day of twenty-four hours, whether at home or on a journey, from all evil power or accident, from robbery, murder, and injury by guns, or other weapons. No man will be able to attack him or to injure him, and no gun can harm him. This wonderful saying is as follows :

See and know, that I am He! I am He, and besides me there is no other God. I am He, who can kill and make alive; I wound, and I am he that can heal, and no one can escape my hand or my power. ForI stretch out my hand toward heaven (that is, I swear by heaven), and say : I am He that liveth forever.

Animon, Animon, Alimon, Rirvtip, Taftian ! The Lord can and will watch and keep,Amen. After  anyone says this 3 times in succession  and with it has kept in mind the three names of angels added thereto, he should say the following : Happy art thou people of God Who is like unto thee ; a people whose help is Jehovah. He is the breastplate of thy help, and the strong sword of thy pride. Thy enemies will deny themselves before thee (that is, will hide themselves or retreat from thee), but thou wilt stand in their high places. Lord of the earth let it be agreeable to thy holy will to command thy angels to protect me and defend me in all my ways. Amen

The above Hebrew words are Kabalistic names of angels, and are very hard to understand, and yet harder to translate. Thus for example, the letters of the word Alimon, mean Eel Leolam, Jehovah, Melech Waaed, Netzach, that is, Jehovah is an eternal God ! he is a victorious king to all eternity. This prince or king according to the belief of Kabbalist, is entrusted with the superintendency of all weapons and guns in the whole world, for the letters of the word Alimon, according to the significance  of numbers aggregate 137, and the two small words Klo Sajin, under which all kinds of guns and weapons are understood, likewise contained according to the signification of number, 137 letters, viz:

Aleph- 1

Lamed- 30

Jod- 10

 Mim- 40

Vav- 6

Nun - 50


Beth- 20

Lamed- 30

Jod- 10

Zani- 7

Jod- 10

Jod- 10

Num- 50

According to this, there are under the power of this field-general all cannons, howitzers, mortars, guns, rifles, pistols, all lances, spears, sabres, swords, and dirks in the whole world, and whenever he thinks proper, none of these will be able to do the least harm. Whoever, therefore, knows how to obtain the favor of the mighty Alemon, it will be very easy for him to make himself invulnerable against gun-shot wounds and against sharp instruments of all kinds. The words Reivtip and Tafthi are also full of mysterious meaning and are the names of two angels who are servants of Alimon.

The letters of the holy name Animon, are contained in the words Ani, Nelech, Raaed, Ne-Zachim, that is, I am King from Eternity to Eternity I Generally this angel claims a much higher rank than the angel Alimon, for he is first named, and is called upon twice in succession, through which he takes, according to the signification of numbers 314, letters, or as many as the holy name of the Schadai, the name of the Almighty.


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