Psychic Powers Development For Occultists

Psychic powers development is mysterious, magical and intriguing. There are different techniques, tips and meditation practices through which magicians can develop their psychic powers. Various practices follow the phases and as magicians’ step from one phase to the next, they are another step ahead of psychic powers development. 

  1. Original Void Meditation

Original Void Meditation is one significant practice that offers psychic powers development for the magician. It involves phases. 

Phase 1. Develop Psychic Powers: Achieving a State of Ultimate Relaxation.

There can be different approaches adopted to achieve a state of ultimate relaxation but the most effective one is 3-star meditation. Interestingly, there are two ways to perform 3-star meditation.

  1. All three regular yellow suns. 
  2. Red, yellow and white star or sun.

The second way uses symbolical meanings where the red sun represents the sensory and emotional mind. As you start meditating, red sun guides your subconscious mind to relax as red sun flows through your body from head to toe relaxing each muscle and tendon. As the red sun leaves, the yellow sun enters. It guides your intellectual rational mind to eliminate all the stress and pressures, thoughts and concerns. The white sun represents the purity of light and allows your mind to be more open and receptive. 

Phase 2. Develop Psychic Powers: Allow the Subconscious to Work Backwards.

This phase uses the Spiral Staircase to allow your subconscious to work backwards step by step. It ends you up in the infinite black. 

To do this, a magician needs to visualize himself on the top of a spiral case. Picture yourself to be on step number 11. The next step you move to will be number 10. Taking another step into the void, you will be at number 9 and so on…

Continue until you are finally at step number 1 of the spiral staircase. You think you will be stepping on the ground next but instead, you are entering an infinite black void. When you look ahead, there is nothing else than infinite black distance with no signs of light. Here, you feel totally weightless. When you turn around, the staircase is gone and there’s no way back. 

Phase 3. Develop Psychic Powers: Disconnect from Existence and Become a Part of the Void.

As you enter phase 3, you completely become a part of void and in fact, you cannot distinguish or separate yourself from the void and neither do you try to. You embrace the connection between the infinite black void and yourself forgetting your existence. Here, ‘existence’ is not even a concept for you. 

Develop Psychic Powers: Spirit Eavesdropping, Clairaudience development

 This is another psychic powers development practice for beginner magicians. The process is relatively simple. All you need to do is allow yourself to get the messages from the spirits. 

For that, you will be placing yourself in a receptive state and disconnecting with your internal dialogue. Focus on your head right above your ears. Here are your auditory sensors. When you focus, you will be hearing random messages, crazy voices and senseless things. This is because you will be hearing pieces of different conservations not meant for you at all. 

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I wish you many blessings!