Root Chakra, Muladhara

✨ Base
✨ Location- Tailbone
✨ Planet- Mars and Saturn
✨ Color- Red
✨ Element- Fire and earth
✨ Zodiac- Aries and Sagittarius
✨ Tarot- Magician, Justice, The Devil
✨ Musical Note -C
✨ Frequency -396 Hz

The Root Chakra is the base,the beginning and, the source or start of the Chakras. It’s the perfect place to start when healing and aligning our chakras. All the Chakras work together, but the Root plays a major role in each Chakra as it’s the security and base of our energy.

Mastering our needs as humans is important as witches to expand into deeper levels of consciousness. We have been conditioned by society to think self care and healing isn’t spiritual at all when that is far from the fact. Until we take care of our needs we won’t have the energy or awareness to step into more expanded states of consciousness to hear the call we serve. Golds and luxuries are not needed to heal. It’s not about money. It’s believing that you have the right to be alive. It’s is believing you are worth love and being loved. To heal is to not just recover from past trauma, but setting healthy boundaries within your relationship with friends, lovers and family. While warding and protecting ourselves from people and situations that drain your energy. As you grow and evolve in your path, this work will help you grow your relationships but also put an end to ones that do not serve your highest good.

Finding this balance is the ROOT of your healing and balancing your chakras as to strengthen yourself.

✨Root Chakra Meditation✨

Find a comfortable spot to sit.

After clearing your mind, while deep breathing focused at your base, feel or see your Root Chakra energy.

If you envision, see it’s Red energy glowing at your base. Expand its energy out around you.

Breathe in your Root Chakra. Feel the warmth and security from it.

Focus on what makes you feel safe and secure. Ask your Root Chakra to show you where you need to heal and repair. What needs does your soul crave that is being ignored?

Thank your Root Chakra for helping you exist healthy and happily.