Incantations are magick word spells they are used  for many things i will write 5  that i found huge success with our dear @Anewbiz  can test them himself . To be chanted repeatedly not like mantras you chant them loudly focusing on the goal put your energy your soul on it. 

Poems are offerings to a spirit let it know you will offer it one and write that it will be pleased and you can use it in summoning 


Angelic banishing this is used for clearing the space you visualize strong astral weaves coming out of you while chanting them to be spoken loudly with authority and a sure knowledge that they will work it helps raising your hand pointing it at the space its for negativity and dismising an entity however if it is a strong one it will come back so i suggest you do the lesser banishing or call a god to dissmiss it

chant it 3× 

/Ashta Malku dozef lata esh pon ron te suro maka izzef mun to so rem ba te ka lux onf inido /


Opening the gates for demons to be used at summoning you combine it with the enn best used for higher ranks like lucifer or belial you get it

/Balesh tu ach ma tu /


Infernal alchemy this is used to empower your chakras and makes you more open to infernal energy my fav :) 

/ Ash yeltus amantus / 


This translates to (reality emanates from the demonic) to be used as you see fit

/ Melus de Quo Magma /


To manifest desires use it when your pushin your will to the world ether on spells or giving a task

/ La men teno /  


Feel free to share yours it can be something you found you where given anything :)