💫What is Casting a Circle?💫

Casting a circle is controlling your energy to use it as a protection barrier to set boundaries while creating a sacred space for you to craft in. The circle is a symbol of setting a territory that when casted it creates a temple or sacred sphere with your energy field. The act of casting a circle also helps you focus your energy on the task at hand to better enhance the result.

💫Do you have to do it?💫

While many say no, I feel its dependent on the task. If you are doing simple crafting like stirring your coffee with intent, you wouldn’t have to cast a circle for. As a new card reader, I would suggest casting a circle to better focus your energy and have a clearer reading. When I work divination, I connect with spirit guides and my ancestors. I will cast a circle to better connect with them for a clearer reading.

When practitioners are doing spell work they are pushing their energy out to set their manifest. To better protection yourself and the energy you create, I suggest casting a circle before serious in depth work.

Consider casting a circle when meditating and doing shadow work. You are very raw and open during these times so a little bit of protection goes a long way.

💫What does it look like?💫

While many witches cast circles by laying out items in a circle such as salt, herbs, crystals, candles, or incense. Others will draw a circle around them. (Please be cautious when casting a circle with salt on bare ground as it can damage the soil ) Many will envision their circle around them without having use of any actual tools. Some witches see it as a circle the symbol of life, Ouroboros, earth, sun and, moon. While others will use the shape of the triangle as a symbol of the trinity, number 3, mind, body and soul.

💫How do you cast a circle?💫

Each witch’s approach to casting a circle can be different. As always, its best to figure out what works for you, so these are just suggestions.

Start with creating a comfortable space; clean up a bit and get comfortable.

Take into consideration the direction you want to sit. Many face North when in their circle, typical for earth-based practitioners. Sun practitioners face East but it is not a requirement just a more traditional approach.

Clear your mind and breathe in your energy.

While holding out your dominate hand; you can hold a burning incense or herbs along with either a crystal, wand, feather or athame while walking in a clock wise circle. State the boundary you are setting by creating your sphere. Example I will say something along the lines of “I cast this circle of protection with perfect love and perfect trust that only my spirit guides and deities may enter.” This is NOT a requirement just something I will say in my own practice.

See or feel your energy laying out a sphere of protection around you as you are later your energy. I suggest going in a circle 3 times but use a number that is sacred to you to set the barrier.

💫 How to close a the circle💫

When you are finished casting make sure to close the circle. Walking counterclockwise see or feel the energy leaving or being vacuumed away. Thank your guides, deities , earth or universe for its help. I usually say that I am closing my circle and releasing the energy there.

If you have any questions please comment below!