Who is Anewbiz?

I am Anewbiz - The founder of OccultEye, Loyalty And Power, Alpha Satan, Occult Oasis, and many more websites and businesses.

I am mostly known from my YouTube Channel .

I have always felt the connection to the Gods but when I was little I didn't know it was them - I just always told everyone that I do not believe or trust in God but in a different force that I can feel.

Little did I know that this force that I have felt was Lucifer. I have always been guided by the Gods and I am very thankful for their guidance and support.

I am an expert when it comes to Marketing & the Occult and that is why I have started so many projects.

It is my goal to enlighten the world with the truth and that is why I am heavily investing into new projects.

I am working with the Gods on a powerful world order.