Magic has various traditions, from the hoodoo magic to healing work and Wiccan magic. Today we will have a closer look at the last one, Wiccan Magic. People who practice Wicca can create new spells and manifestations.



There are many ways to use Wiccan magic, with rituals, and divination, for example. Besides, you should know that the ingredients that you use for magickal work can actually consist of everything and can come from anywhere since you can do your work the way you want. Nevertheless, there are some things the most Wiccan work with, with crystal magic, candle magic, and herbal magic.

Additionally, they mostly add incense or oils to the ingredients.



Even if you can use your magic as you want, there is still a solid and golden rule in Wicca: Harm none!

This rule is meant to remind us to rethink our intentions and comes from the Wicca-Rede. Manipulation is also included, e.g., you shouldn't use magic to change the target person's feelings. Without the permission of the target, the spell mustn't be carried out either.



Starting with Wicca is not tricky. In the beginning, you don't need any ingredients like above, and you don't need to remember any spell. The way to Wicca begins with an open mind and the need for more knowledge.

Being a Wiccan means cultivating your spiritual being and believing in magic, as well as working with it. 


So, what is a „shadow book“? A shadow book, a book which the most Wiccan have, is a personal book, where you can write down what you already have learned or what is important for you, like spells or spiritual experiences, but also questions. 

On the first page of the book, you should write the date down and what it serves you. An example would be: This shadow book is dedicated to the spiritual path of (NAME).

Some divide it into different parts; in one, then everything is about gods, in the other about spells, etc.



Depending on which kind of magic you want to use, you’ll probably need some ingredients like candles, herbs, oils, etc. If you wish, you can start learning, for example, how to do candle dressing, or you also can perform some rituals or spells to practice.

Without regular practice, you won’t get results.



Okay, here i have now an easy love spell for you, which you can perform entirely as a beginner. This spell is definitely for you if you want someone specific in your life.

To start with the spell, make sure that you have a magnet, a red pouch (small), and love oil.

Then drop some oil on the palms of your hands and cover the magnet with the oil. Now start rubbing the magnet, visualize the desired outcome, and also try to feel the feelings.

While you are visualizing for about 5 minutes, say this chant:


Like magnets, let us attract, 

that we love each other is a fact,

may we are together for eternity,

so mote it be!


Then put the magnet in the pouch and drop some oil into it while chanting three to four times. Carry the bag always with you.