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Anewbiz Comes Back With Great News. Many Blessings.
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Announcement: Private Messages 💬

Hello guys it's finally here! In the navigation bar you can find the option to private message other members! ✉️

Chat & Exchange with the community! 🔥🔥🔥


However, be aware that we do not tolerate spam and if I find out anyone is spamming or harassing other members then this will result in a permanent ban without warnings.

Here is a link to the message tab 💬:

I hope you all are even more enjoying OccultEye and if you do then I would really appreciate it if you could share our community on other social media to help... (More)

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New Feature: 🔥 Join A Coven Or Create Your Own Coven to unify with your occult and spiritual brothers and sisters. Each coven can be unique & special. While some coven might be for white magick witches other coven can be about “The old ones from the necronomicon” or anything else. Be free & create your own following with your own coven. You can create your own coven when you click the “+” icon at the navigation-bar at the top. Changes: 🔥 Post moderation was lowered down from minimum 100 reputation points to 50 reputation points. If you have verifi... (More)
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Currently A New Function Is Under Progress:

You will be able to private chat & group chat with other members.

Function is coming online June/July

Share the “” link on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Many Blessings!