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Chaos Magick
Chaos Magick
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Multiversal Magickal Energy, #quantum, #omniverse

This may be considered "chaos magickal" by some, but posting here because I am not a chaos magickian myself, and I don't consider it Chaos Magick. I love the idea of chaos magick and have utilized it before because of the quickness and accuracy of the results. It just doesn't fit into my paradigm right now. ;)

I am feeling a link with Qliphothic Magick in regards.

I will spare some unnecessary details. I am 32, and have been working with magick since 5 or 6, but rly staryed getting good by age 13. At age 5, Lucifer begin to... (More)

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Chaos Magick

Is Chaos Magick Dangerous?

I have heard of some of the deepest and darkest magick being dangerous to mess which but everyone I seem to ask this to online says not to mess with chaos magick because it is a very advanced form of magick. Is it really that dangerous? 

Seeker of Knowledge

I can see the four cardinal directions which guide the spirit through life. I see the three levels of the being (ego, super-ego, and id for simplicity). Finally, I see the twisted paths stemming from the 3 great angles: 30°, 45°, and 60°. By combining each of these elements, I would read this as a sigil meaning “decisions at the crossroads.” Each path (direction) has three choices of attainment from slower (30°) to medium (45°) to high (60°) each representing energy spent from least to greatest, respectively. Thus, this sigil, to me, would represent the practitioner‘s drive to attain knowledge... (More)