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Death Magick & Necromancy
Death Magick & Necromancy
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You need to draw his sigil first place an altar on East with offerings that he likes speak his emn put a little bit of your blood on the sigil and continue with the enn by looking at the sigil but you must be in a trance state that means that you need to meditate for about 30 min before you start and then just talk to him with respect and out of your heart speak with normally without demanding things or being rude 15 min is enough than you speak a couple of times his emn and that's it... (More)

Justin Stone
Just here to be. For I am.

The beginning.

In the beginning you will find yourself struggling. Struggling to understand life and your ability to live within it. But as you follow me into the darkness you will gain wisdom and knowledge to better assist you throughout your life. To help transcend you into greatness and power. For you must be patient my brethren. 

🕯️ Invocation of Lucifer🕯️

In the name of the dragon

I invoke Lucifer 🔥

Lord of the Trident ⚜️🔱

He who guides the ascending soul on the path of God🛡️

Phosphorus the light bearer ♨️

Dark God of Qliphoth✳️

Open the way to your stellar realm🌐

Come from the throne of Thaumiel➿

Through the gates of the Void into this temple of flames🌋🔥

Lord of the night☄️🌑

Open the gates to the path of the dragon and reveal to me secret lost and forgotten🎇🪔

The wisdom of primordial gods 🎴

Lord of darkness and light🌑🌕

I invite you to enter this flesh... (More)

Alicia Scarlet
baby Witch♥️♥️♥️

Is Satanism and Luciferianism same?

Should I dedicate myself to Satan or Lucifer? I worked with Lucifer for 6 months and still now without dedication.But now I feel I should dedicate my soul. If I dedicate my soul to Satan,does Lucifer be angry with me? Or should I dedicate my soul to Lucifer? What if I dedicate myself to Satan and still work with Lucifer? Is there any difference between Satanism and Luciferianism? I'm confused...