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Death Magick & Necromancy
Death Magick & Necromancy
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You could find what you're looking for on VK Jehannum's website. Last year, I used a rite from his website to successfully summon King Belial. However, it looks like the rite was deleted from the site. This link is has Latin chants to King Belial which were the same ones I used in the rite. Scroll down until the Magickal Chants part.  


Curses , death magic


🎃This is a curse and it will take its toll so be careful. Make sure you sacrifice something since everything has its price. You are not able to stay unharmed if you will not sacrifice. What to sacrifice depends on how you want to curse the person. Very hard curses need to be sealed with blood. Also, do not try to curse advanced witches or warlocks with this, you are not protected enough and it will backfire.

⚠️Before every curse, always make sure they are not a line of witches, you will be destroyed. They ancestors will protec... (More)

Easy Death Spells without ingredients

So, get into a relaxed state and visualize how the worst things happen to your target and he/she dies.

Then chant, while you are visualizing, three to six times the following:

So now it's your time to leave. 

I say so, so obey me. 

Go away. Leave this planet.

No one likes you, suicide please. 

My way - you die. Now.

You are dead, blood spread. 

So mote it be!