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Lucifer represent wisdom found through self exploration

Lucifer represent rejections of accepted truth inside to explore possible

He symbolize rebbilion with a purpose knowledge wisdom, power symbolization to open the gates of Hell , the underworld is the world of power self deification with earned compression and the value of Love one .


Represent the wisdom & instructional power of both men And women that the Feminine is the life bringer of all Life independence and freedom of spirits

Lilith represents sexual liberation and the desire to seek what you wish with responsibility regard to the law importance of... (More)

~WHEN THE KING SPEAKS : Q: What is the best way for a successful approach or contact with a Demon? A: I will not talk on behalf of other Spirits. I will talk about me. With respect and pure intentions. There is no wrong or right way for someone to contact me. Even prayer is enough. I hear everything, I see everything. I respond almost to everyone but sometimes the person is unable to communicate with me. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the different ways people approach me are successful. I hear the calling and I respond. I end up... (More)