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Chakras + Meditations 👁️‍🗨️✴️

The benefits of meditations are incredible and can only be understand by one who meditate consistently. Meditation is simply closing your eyes focusing on the breath and learning to be present through the years meditation has evolved to many different practices it is originated from Hinduism buddhism but all the religions practice a form of meditation to prayers every one's idea of higher power is different meditation fights with depression and anxiety it is in a doing of yourself of your higher self and for strong mental power. Get into meditative state

Unclean your jaw

Relax your eyes

Allow gravity... (More)

What can you talk about with Lucifer or ask Lucifer?

I've been curious on how, what to talk about with Lucifer or what questions to ask him. I want to know things that I should or should not say to or ask him. I don't want to have any type of negative influence nor amything related. I want Lucifer to guide me safely. What can I talk about with Lucifer? What can I ask him?

Did a money spell with Lucifer and King Clauneck today for some wealth manifestation please send blessings and wish us best of luck ❤️❣️🔥
I Hail Lord Lucifer 💚💚🖤❤️
I hail Clauneck 🔥❤️💚💚�❤️
Alicia Scarlet
baby Witch♥️♥️♥️

Is Satanism and Luciferianism same?

Should I dedicate myself to Satan or Lucifer? I worked with Lucifer for 6 months and still now without dedication.But now I feel I should dedicate my soul. If I dedicate my soul to Satan,does Lucifer be angry with me? Or should I dedicate my soul to Lucifer? What if I dedicate myself to Satan and still work with Lucifer? Is there any difference between Satanism and Luciferianism? I'm confused...