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How To Protect & Cleanse Your Aura


This post will be updated with more articles to further explain the topic (will be updated in the next days)

Azazel Demon | Full Guide About Azazel

Azazel Demon | Full Guide About Azazel

Chapter 1

Azazel’s Background

Azazel was one of the Watchers that has taught humanity how to make swords, shields, and other weapons.

He also taught humans how to use make-up, use colors, rare... (More)

Complete guide to develop astral senses.

This meditation has different variants based on particularly which sense you are working on, but the parameters are the same: get into an extremely relaxed state and let your imagination flow.


To train to see spirits, get into a... (More)

Psychic Powers Development For Occultists

Psychic Powers Development For Occultists

Psychic powers development is mysterious, magical and intriguing. There are different techniques, tips and meditation practices through which magicians can develop their psychic powers. Various practices follow the phases and as magicians’ step from one... (More)