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Kundalini, Chakras, Dan Tien, Energy Centers
Kundalini, Chakras, Dan Tien, Energy Centers
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Complete information about King Clauneck for beginners and method to perform most powerful and successful money spell with Lucifer and King clauneck,
please do at least 3 to 4 meditations with clauneck before performing big ritual with him, do during 1st to full moon
chant mantra,
Ahvalen Asen Clauneck Kiar.

Ancient/ Religion Allegories and Mythologies connection with Consciousness

Hi there! Anyone interested in discussing and learning about the true in depth allegories in religious scriptures and mythology? I have a podcast where we really go into this and so many areas on astrology, human consciousness, the occult, gematria, chakras and meditation, and so much more.

Chakras + Meditations 👁️‍🗨️✴️

The benefits of meditations are incredible and can only be understand by one who meditate consistently. Meditation is simply closing your eyes focusing on the breath and learning to be present through the years meditation has evolved to many different practices it is originated from Hinduism buddhism but all the religions practice a form of meditation to prayers every one's idea of higher power is different meditation fights with depression and anxiety it is in a doing of yourself of your higher self and for strong mental power. Get into meditative state

Unclean your jaw

Relax your eyes

Allow gravity... (More)

Root Chakra, Muladhara ✨ Base ✨ Location- Tailbone ✨ Planet- Mars and Saturn ✨ Color- Red ✨ Element- Fire and earth ✨ Zodiac- Aries and Sagittarius ✨ Tarot- Magician, Justice, The Devil ✨ Musical Note -C ✨ Frequency -396 Hz The Root Chakra is the base,the beginning and, the source or start of the Chakras. It’s the perfect place to start when healing and aligning our chakras. All the Chakras work together, but the Root plays a major role in each Chakra as it’s the security and base of our energy. Mastering our needs as humans is important as witches... (More)