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Kundalini, Chakras, Dan Tien, Energy Centers
Kundalini, Chakras, Dan Tien, Energy Centers
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Chakras + Meditations 👁️‍🗨️✴️

The benefits of meditations are incredible and can only be understand by one who meditate consistently. Meditation is simply closing your eyes focusing on the breath and learning to be present through the years meditation has evolved to many different practices it is originated from Hinduism buddhism but all the religions practice a form of meditation to prayers every one's idea of higher power is different meditation fights with depression and anxiety it is in a doing of yourself of your higher self and for strong mental power. Get into meditative state

Unclean your jaw

Relax your eyes

Allow gravity... (More)

Meditation on your 6th Chakra (Guide)

6th Chakra (third eye) Meditation

The day of the 6th chakra is Monday, and it is female. Its color is indigo/bluish-violet, and the number of petals is 2. It corresponds to the Moon.

The element is ether, and the metal is silver. It is located under the crown chakra. It stands for psychic vision and intuition.

Use one of the following chants:



  • AUM


  • THOR




6th Chakra Meditation

  1. Visualize your 6th chakra
  2. Align the 6th chakra
  3. Breathe energy into your 6th chakra by visualizing how energy is flowing through the air into it.
  4. Vibrate the... (More)

How to prepare for Meditation

How to prepare for Meditation

Of course, you need a quiet place where your mind and your body can relax and finally find a trance state, what is most effective. It is easy for masters to get into this state, no matter what the environment or circumstances are. In fact, regular meditation makes you calm and cool.

Here are some possibilities how to prepare for meditation

  • If there is time enough, yoga exercises are a very good way of calming your body and soul
  • Specific breathing exercises
  • Sound listening
  • Sitting or lying, while starting with your feed relaxing them, let... (More)