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Money Spells & Legal Magick
Money Spells & Legal Magick
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To end a Quarrel between you and your loved ones. ✌️🤗❣️🤍
I did this last time I had a fight with one of my family member and it worked ☺️ so I decided to share this with other fellows.
MARBAS 💚🦁 Spell/ ritual to Marbas for healing and Healthy life. In Goetia He is great President. He governes over 36 legions of Demons Comes from HOd from tree of Qlipoth. That's why his color is orange so you can use orange paper or candle to draw his sigil . He appears as a Lion very strong male , he can also assist you in cursing and can also give you secrets about your healing about medicine etc. And can answer your concerns. Also called BARBAS. He can teach arts , discipline. You can call his enn 36 times... (More)
💫What is Casting a Circle?💫 Casting a circle is controlling your energy to use it as a protection barrier to set boundaries while creating a sacred space for you to craft in. The circle is a symbol of setting a territory that when casted it creates a temple or sacred sphere with your energy field. The act of casting a circle also helps you focus your energy on the task at hand to better enhance the result. 💫Do you have to do it?💫 While many say no, I feel its dependent on the task. If you are doing simple craf... (More)
Copied **since we lack "knowledge" according to some. I will be talking about one of my favorite Goetic Deities😈 Duke Bune BUNE, or BIME.-The Twenty-sixth Spirit is Bune (or Bim). He is a Strong, Great and Mighty Duke. He appeareth in the form of a Dragon with three heads, one like a Dog, one like a Gryphon, and one like a Man. He speaketh with a high and comely Voice. He changeth the Place of the Dead, and causeth the Spirits which be under him to gather together upon your Sepulchres. He giveth Riches unto a Man, and maketh hi... (More)