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Paganism, Heathenry, & Norse Magick
Paganism, Heathenry, & Norse Magick
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Occult practicioner

Norse magick ?

Someone has to ask. Any knowledge/ practicioner with norse magick? Any books? Also i strongly believe lucifer is loki ;ρ 

Christmas is a Pagan holiday, not a Christian one!

I love telling people this and having them look at me like I am stupid even though the context is in the bible as well as in the story of Christmas itself. The holiday is meant as a means to... (More)

Are young modern Pagans more in it for the trend?

I know this sounds silly but I feel like there is a trend with younger people today in the pagan scene and they more a less do it, not to actually be a part of it but because it is... (More)