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Paganism, Heathenry, & Norse Magick
Paganism, Heathenry, & Norse Magick
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Hecate is Greek Goddess

Root of her Egyptian name meaning intelligence and as the Queen of shade she is an Olympian goddess of death and regeneration it was called the most lovely one she works with her will . Practice by Wicca paganism and in witchcraft.

Roman Name :Trivia means leaders of dogs .

She is lightbringer and torchbearer mistress of dark queen of underworld guardian of roads and byways universal door warder and gate garden between this world and other realm. Her association with earth and fertility & cycle of death and rebirth

Hackete is the Goddess of magic... (More)

Christmas is a Pagan holiday, not a Christian one!

I love telling people this and having them look at me like I am stupid even though the context is in the bible as well as in the story of Christmas itself. The holiday is meant as a means to celebrate Odin, the sun god. In the bible, he was known as a man named Nimrod. He married his mother and later died. He was reincarnated into a tree to which his wife chopped down, carried into her home, and adorned with gold and silver. His birthday was said to be on December 25th as well. Pretty interesting, right!?

Occult practicioner

Norse magick ?

Someone has to ask. Any knowledge/ practicioner with norse magick? Any books? Also i strongly believe lucifer is loki ;ρ 

Are young modern Pagans more in it for the trend?

I know this sounds silly but I feel like there is a trend with younger people today in the pagan scene and they more a less do it, not to actually be a part of it but because it is what everyone around them is doing. Kind of like a herd mindset in action. I am sure this doesn't cause any harm but it seems to really take away from the value of Paganism.