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Banishment, Cleansing, & Protection Magick
Banishment, Cleansing, & Protection Magick
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How to clean your Aura

How to clean your Aura

Imagine a wall, and every day someone shoots bullets at this wall. At some point, the wall will have wholes.

These wholes allow attackers to shoot through the wall, and that's not what we want,... (More)

How To Protect & Cleanse Your Aura



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Banish Your Fears Spells

To banish your fears, you need

  • One pen
  • One paper

So, write along the whole edges of the paper:

I am fearless

Then write in the middle your fear(s).

Now chant three to five times the following:

In this box,... (More)

Easy Angel Protection Spells

So, get into a relaxed state.

Then close your eyes and chant five to six times the following:

I call you, wonderful beings, to protect me,

To the left of me Gabriel,
To the back of me Michael,
To the... (More)