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Banishment, Cleansing, & Protection Magick
Banishment, Cleansing, & Protection Magick
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Spells for banishing negative energies

For this easy spell, you need only:

  • Five white candles
  • Sea salt

So, you have to do a circle with the sea salt so that you can meditate in the middle.

Now place the candles around the circle as a... (More)

Banish Your Fears Spells

To banish your fears, you need

  • One pen
  • One paper

So, write along the whole edges of the paper:

I am fearless

Then write in the middle your fear(s).

Now chant three to five times the following:

In this box,... (More)

Easy Draconic Protection Spells

You need

  • One white candle
  • Dragonsblood Oil

So, put a few tropic dragonsblood oil on the candle. Cast a circle and light the candle, then visualize how your aura growing bigger and bigger. Now chant three times the following:

By... (More)

How to remove a Curse

For this, you need

  • Quartz-, Opal-, Jade-, Calcite-, Sun-, Amber- or a Moonstone
  • Sage
  • A bath

So, take a bath and take the sage in the water. Then take your stone and imagine its energies going through your body, while... (More)