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Relationship, Lust, & Love Spells
Relationship, Lust, & Love Spells
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My name is saklain the meaning of my name is "jinn o inss" means "demon and human" and i have a strong love towards demons.

Love spell

Spell to make someone love you.

Ingredients for this spell

  • One red candle.
  • One pink candle.
  • Matches
  • Toothpick or Iron nail
  • pencil made of wood
  • Parchment paper.

Take a bath before starting ritual.Clean all the items no dirt should be stick on them.Crave name on the red candle and your lover's on the pink candle, light the red candle with matches and use a red candle flame to light the pink candle focus on burning candles as much as you genuinely love with your lover, your focus must be at least 30 minutes without break, Now draw two hearts on... (More)

How to Cast Petition Spells (Full Guide)

How to Cast Petition Spells (Full Guide)

What is a petition spell?

It is a written intent that is calling the powers of the Gods to manifest the desire. Ancient civilizations have used these kinds of spells to manifest their desires.

Casting a petition spell is like making a respectful formal request. A petition can manifest your desires if you are in the grace of the Gods.

Petition Preparation

I recommended to you that you write your petition in Dragon's Blood Ink which you have mixed with your blood before.

If you do not have Dragon's Blood Ink and you... (More)