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Relationship, Lust, & Love Spells
Relationship, Lust, & Love Spells
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How to Cast Petition Spells (Full Guide)

How to Cast Petition Spells (Full Guide)

What is a petition spell?

It is a written intent that is calling the powers of the Gods to manifest the desire. Ancient civilizations have used these kinds of spells to manifest their... (More)

Get your ex back love spell

Do you want your ex back? Then you should do this powerful love spell!

What do you need?:

  • Fresh Lemon
  • Pen
  • Paper (best pink)
  • Red Yarn/Ribbon

So, write your and the target name on the paper. Now cut the lemon... (More)

Easy Seperation Spells

For this spell, you need only a few things:

  • Two pictures of your targets in which both are
  • One black candle

Start by lighting the candle and stack the pictures.


Ancient forces hear my plea
Unbind this friendship
Let... (More)

What is the most powerful spell with not too many ingredients to attract the right person to you? Or attracting multiple suitors, how can I do this also?