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Spirits, Possession, Evocation
Spirits, Possession, Evocation
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Are there any demons of protection and healing?

I heard of a demon named Verrine as the demon of healing. Is there a demon for protection?

How do I invoke or evoke Satan and what offerings should I give? And is he good demon to work with? And what should I do and what should I not do? Is it a good or bad idea to work with him?

How do I summon Lucifer and ask for his help?

I feel like something is up in my life and it doesn't feel right. I need help. I feel like something bad is gonna happen or something. I want Lucifer to guide me. What can I do?

What can you talk about with Lucifer or ask Lucifer?

I've been curious on how, what to talk about with Lucifer or what questions to ask him. I want to know things that I should or should not say to or ask him. I don't want to have any type of negative influence nor amything related. I want Lucifer to guide me safely. What can I talk about with Lucifer? What can I ask him?