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Spirits, Possession, Evocation
Spirits, Possession, Evocation
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Azazel Demon | Full Guide About Azazel

Azazel Demon | Full Guide About Azazel

Chapter 1

Azazel’s Background

Azazel was one of the Watchers that has taught humanity how to make swords, shields, and other weapons.

He also taught humans how to use make-up, use colors, rare... (More)


Ipos is also called Ipes Ayporos and Aypeos. He is also known as the Egyptian God Anubis.

His zodiac position is 15 to 19 degrees of Cancer.

The best date to work with him is from the 8th... (More)

How To Work With Lucifer (COMPLETE GUIDE)

How To Work With Lucifer (COMPLETE GUIDE)

The only guide that you need to 100% know how to work with Lucifer.

This guide is for you if you are serious about working together with Lucifer. Lucifer is not an evil... (More)

Occult practicioner

Who is lucifer really?

I only invoked him once when i was starting i wasent developed but i was hearing his voice in my head saying very basic things i also remember a pressure in my heart chakra. That out of the way i... (More)