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Vampirism, Curses, & Baneful Magick
Vampirism, Curses, & Baneful Magick
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How to remove a Curse

For this, you need

  • Quartz-, Opal-, Jade-, Calcite-, Sun-, Amber- or a Moonstone
  • Sage
  • A bath

So, take a bath and take the sage in the water. Then take your stone and imagine its energies going through your body, while you are chanting:

Et maledixi alieni inveterati sunt, et ejus navitas vt purificentur, transire per virtutem data est mihi a natura quam ego nunc praecipiam ut sit ait ista maledictio meus de via, et nunc, et veterascet et abierunt


Revenge Curse Death Spells

For this curse revenge spell, you need

  • A paper
  • Twenty black candles
  • Pen
  • A picture of your target

So, draw a pentagram on the paper and place the candles around it and the picture in the middle. Light the candles and chant ten times:

Gods of darkness, Gods of darkness kill (target) for he/she has trespassed in my soul and have done bad for me. Curse him/her. So mote it be

Then visualize how the worst things happen to your target and he/she dies.