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Vampirism, Curses, & Baneful Magick
Vampirism, Curses, & Baneful Magick
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Easy Death Spells without ingredients

So, get into a relaxed state and visualize how the worst things happen to your target and he/she dies.

Then chant, while you are visualizing, three to six times the following:

So now it's your time to leave.

I say... (More)

How can I curse someone without being negatively affected? I know there's a way to do this, I just don't know how

Can people curse others by accident?

I have always heard about speaking only positive words as not to cause harm to others. I really jumped down a rabbit hole with this and I believe now that you can curse someone simply by saying something negative about... (More)

How to remove a Curse

For this, you need

  • Quartz-, Opal-, Jade-, Calcite-, Sun-, Amber- or a Moonstone
  • Sage
  • A bath

So, take a bath and take the sage in the water. Then take your stone and imagine its energies going through your body, while... (More)