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Hecate is Greek Goddess

Root of her Egyptian name meaning intelligence and as the Queen of shade she is an Olympian goddess of death and regeneration it was called the most lovely one she works with her will . Practice by Wicca paganism and in witchcraft.

Roman Name :Trivia means leaders of dogs .

She is lightbringer and torchbearer mistress of dark queen of underworld guardian of roads and byways universal door warder and gate garden between this world and other realm. Her association with earth and fertility & cycle of death and rebirth

Hackete is the Goddess of magic... (More)

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Wicca & Pagan

Difference between Wicca, Witch, and Pagan

When you start reading and learning Wicca, you will probably come across the terms Wicca, witch, and pagan. Many people do not know the difference, people who have nothing or little to do with magic even equate someone who uses some kind of magic with one of the above terms.

So now let me explain to you the differences.


A Wiccan is not more than a person who follows the "religion" Wicca. The religion was founded by the British occultist Gerald Gardner and is one of the most well-known branches in witchcraft.

Even if Wiccans incorporate practices of other... (More)

Wicca Magic Guide

Magic has various traditions, from the hoodoo magic to healing work and Wiccan magic. Today we will have a closer look at the last one, Wiccan Magic. People who practice Wicca can create new spells and manifestations.


There are many ways to use Wiccan magic, with rituals, and divination, for example. Besides, you should know that the ingredients that you use for magickal work can actually consist of everything and can come from anywhere since you can do your work the way you want. Nevertheless, there are some things the most Wiccan work with, with crystal... (More)