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Wicca & Pagan
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Wicca & Pagan


21st September till 29 September.

It's a pagan holiday and autumnl equinox associated with goddess of Green man . An event for witches also call SABBAT.

Deities : Thor , the Green man , Morgan .

Colors: Red , Orange , Brown , Yellow

Herbs : Myrrh, Sage , Theisthe, Marigold .

Food: Bread , Vegetables, Pies .

Crystals : sapphire , Lapiz lazuli , Amber .

Symbols : Leaves ,Acorn , Apple .

Grain : Cornuszcopia , Gourds.

Things to do during event

It's the time of Reaping everything what you have down. Clear out & let go that... (More)

💫What is Casting a Circle?💫 Casting a circle is controlling your energy to use it as a protection barrier to set boundaries while creating a sacred space for you to craft in. The circle is a symbol of setting a territory that when casted it creates a temple or sacred sphere with your energy field. The act of casting a circle also helps you focus your energy on the task at hand to better enhance the result. 💫Do you have to do it?💫 While many say no, I feel its dependent on the task. If you are doing simple craf... (More)
to unblock your root chakra ❤️ you must let go of fear.

to unblock your sacral chakra 🧡 you must let go of guilt.

to unblock your solar plexus 💛 you must let go of shame.

to unblock you heart chakra 💚 you must let go of grief.

you unblock your throat chakra 💙 you must stop lying to yourself.

to unblock your third eye chakra 💙 you must let go of the illusions (separation),and innerstand that everything is connected.

to unblock the crown chakra 💜 you must let go of attachments (people,places,things) in the material realm.
Sun water 💦 🌞