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How To Protect & Cleanse Your Aura


This post will be updated with more articles to further explain the topic (will be updated in the next days)

Psychic Powers Development For Occultists

Psychic Powers Development For Occultists

Psychic powers development is mysterious, magical and intriguing. There are different techniques, tips and meditation practices through which magicians can develop their psychic powers. Various practices follow the phases and as magicians’ step from one phase to the next, they are another step ahead of psychic powers development. 

  1. Original Void Meditation

Original Void Meditation is one significant practice that offers psychic powers development for the magician. It involves phases. 

Phase 1. Develop Psychic Powers: Achieving a State of Ultimate Relaxation.

There can be different approaches adopted to achieve a state of ultimate relaxation but the most effective one is 3-star meditation. Interestingly, there are two ways to perform 3-star meditation.

  1. All three regular yellow suns. 
  2. Red, yellow and white star or sun.

The second way uses symbolical meanings where the red sun represents the sensory and emotional mind. As you start meditating, red sun guides your subconscious mind to relax as red sun flows through your body from head to toe relaxing each muscle and tendon. As the red sun leaves, the yellow sun enters. It guides your intellectual rational mind to eliminate all the stress and pressures, thoughts and concerns. The white sun represents the purity of light and allows your mind to be more open and receptive. 

Phase 2. Develop Psychic Powers: Allow the Subconscious to Work Backwards.

This phase uses the Spiral Staircase to allow your subconscious to work backwards step by step. It ends you up in the infinite black. 

To do this, a magician needs to visualize himself on the top of a spiral case. Picture yourself to be on step number 11. The next step you move to will be number 10. Taking another step into the void, you will be at number 9 and so on…

Continue until you are finally at step number 1 of the spiral staircase. You think you will be stepping on the ground next but instead, you are entering an infinite black void. When you look ahead, there is nothing else than infinite black distance with no signs of light. Here, you feel totally weightless. When you turn around, the staircase is gone and there’s no way back. 

Phase 3. Develop Psychic Powers: Disconnect from Existence and Become a Part of the Void.

As you enter phase 3, you completely become a part of void and in fact, you cannot distinguish or separate yourself from the void and neither do you try to. You embrace the connection between the infinite black void and yourself forgetting your existence. Here, ‘existence’ is not even a concept for you. 

Develop Psychic Powers: Spirit Eavesdropping, Clairaudience development

 This is another psychic powers development practice for beginner magicians. The process is relatively simple. All you need to do is allow yourself to get the messages from the spirits. 

For that, you will be placing yourself in a receptive state and disconnecting with your internal dialogue. Focus on your head right above your ears. Here are your auditory sensors. When you focus, you will be hearing random messages, crazy voices and senseless things. This is because you will be hearing pieces of different conservations not meant for you at all. 

Learn more about the occult: Click Here

I wish you many blessings!

How to Make Full Moon Water (Guide)

How to Make Full Moon Water 

You will learn how to… 

…make Full Moon Water 

…use Full Moon Water 

& when to use it. 

Usages of Full Moon Water: 

Drink: Empowers your soul and raises your intuition. 

Plants: Let your plants and flowers taste the wonderful powers. 

Crystals: Charge your crystals by putting them into the water. 

Bath: Take a Full Moon Water Bath to cleanse and empower your body & soul. 

Scrying: Use it for scrying when you pour the water into a black bowl. 

Potions: Use the Full Moon Water in your Love Potions. 

Consecration: Put objects into the water to empower them. 


How To Make Full Moon Water: 

1. Take a jar or bottle 

2. Fill water into the jar or bottle 

3. Stick the Full Moon Empowering Paper on the jar or bottle 

4. Place the jar or bottle into the moonlight on a full moon. 

5. Optionally: Remove the jar or bottle before the sunlight shines.

Download the Moon Water Sheet Here:


Strongest Instant Money Spell With Mammon (Guide)

Strongest Instant Money Spell With Mammon (Guide)

Check out this money spell and if you want to download the "Mammon Spell Sheet" then download it here:





How to Become Famous (WITH PROOF)

How to Become Famous

Become Famous and Become Rich

How to become famous
How to become famous

Case Study:

A year ago I was broke and nobody knew me (except friends and family). It was my goal to grow myself a following and you know that I have achieved this now.

I have a YouTube Channel with 750,000 unique watchers in the year 2019 + My video have been watched for a total of 5 YEARS in the year 2019.

I own communities, groups, podcasts, youtube channel + tons of youtube videos, blogs, memberships, services, products, merchandise store, and I have my own teams for manufacturing, marketing, & client support.

1 year ago I had nothing. . . 1 years later . . . I have over 13,000 subscribers on YouTube and tons of clients on all my projects, memberships, communities, etc.

And you might think that it took me 1 year to achieve that, but ........

...... it took me 3 months to come to a point where I have earned $15,000 in weeks not months.

I give you a few bullet points that reveal how I have done it.

  1. I have done the Azazel Salt Fire Ritual (I have a course about it and many more rituals at
  2. Azazel transformed my life - removed everyone that held me back from my destiny.
  3. I have always suffered but after the ritual I have suffered a lot more.
  4. After 1 years of suffering I have created content for other people. My goal is and always was to help others. Profit or the thinking about money always came second.
  5. Lucifer & Azazel the Dream-Team have taught me how become a powerful being - I don't call myself human - I see myself as an alien with roots in the endless void.

How YOU can Become Famous, Become Successful, And Become Rich Mindset

Don't focus on becoming rich, famous or successful, instead you should focus on helping others, creating and inventing solutions to other people's problems.

What does Amazon do? They help customers to find and purchase items easier, quicker, & often also cheaper.

What does Microsoft do? They help people to navigate their PC as easy as possible.

All big companies focus on their customers - They are always trying to make things easier and quicker for their customers.

If you focus on money - then you might earn some money but your customers might run away when your focus is not on customer satisfaction.


How YOU can Become Famous, Become Successful, And Become Rich Niches

Not everyone can make occult videos on YouTube like I do, but I also cannot build bridges. Find what you CAN do and that HELPS other people.

Narrow it down to ONE interest - that can be anything - but it need to be ONE interest - NOT MANY.

Do you like playing the guitar? Create content about playing the guitar. That's your niche.

If you like to motivate others then create content that motivates others.

Even if you are a drug addict you can make money - You can make videos where you record your life as a drug addict and how it feels. You could wear a mask or if it's legal in your country then do videos without the mask.

Anything can be a niche. Any interest can be your ONE niche. Pick your interest and you are ready to go.

How YOU can Become Famous, Become Successful, And Become Rich Content

Now, it comes to content creation. What content can I create to help others? What should I do, I don't have any ideas?

  1. Go online, search your interest on Google and look at your competition and do what they do with your own touch to it.
  2. Create a website where you write articles about your niche and create a youtube channel where you make videos about the articles.
  3. Build your social media presence (Create an Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat,..., - Profile)
  4. Post the same content on all profiles to save yourself time but post 1 to 3 times PER DAY EVERY DAY
  5. Link every social media post to your newest video
  6. Link your video to your articles
  7. Create videos every day and upload every day
  8. Comment on other YouTube Channels so people see your name here and there and when they search for a topic they might find a video that is upload by you (the name they have seen before... they click on it)
  9. Wait for your users to comment your articles, videos, and social media and wait for "problems" and "questions"
  10. Now, answer a few of these questions in new videos
  11. Create a product that can be a video course that you sell for $50 to $5000 (depends on your niche and how great your solution is - pick a price that you would pay and ask others what they would pay for your course/solution)
  12. Create more helpful content on YouTube, your website and social media and always link and mention your AWESOME PRODUCT/SOLUTION/SERVICE

Do all of these steps and stick to them for months.

How YOU can Become Famous, Become Successful, And Become Rich Ritual

Now when you have done everything that I have previously explained then it's time to do the "Salt Fire Ritual" With Azazel (Get it in my paid membership at

If you cannot afford it then check out my Azazel guide & Lucifer guide + other high Quality guides.

Work with Azazel and Lucifer to increase your sales & maximize your results. Always remember it needs REAL WORK to achieve results and the Gods will help you but you need to do the work. If you do not work then you will not get help from the Gods. And make sure to give them something back for their help. More about that you can read in my guides (linked above).

Disclaimer: I give you no guarantees for any results as results vary from person to person. The shown results and numbers are my results and they act as an example. Success needs true work and is influenced by many factors and therefore cannot be guaranteed to anyone.


I wish you many blessings!

It's Your Anewbiz
It's Your Anewbiz

This Music Gets You Possessed By Demons

I am at a point where I always have many demons inside of me and they love this music. I get really possessed and they move my body back and forward while my face is making weird & scary faces.

I love that feeling when they go crazy - Also this music reminds me of Death, Danger & Sacrifice - I totally love that music its so violent but in a wonderful way.

Do your spirits also react when they listen to this music?

(I am not shizo ;) as these spirits are real - they teach me real things that I have never known before)


💬 Discussion

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I have laid my heart, energy, rest of my money, time, and basically everything I could give to help other people to become more spiritual and educated about the occult. I had nothing back then and I just believed in what Lucifer told me... He said I should help others and he will fulfill all my dreams for supporting and transforming others into powerful personalities.

I have helped broke people to get money, I have helped people to be with their love, I have helped people to heal and be happy and all the time I was healing myself as the love of my supporters has healed my deep wounds.


No matter how hard life is - never give up - I was trying to commit suicide a few times - every time Lucifer has stopped me.

I am so thankful to my supporters, family, and I am most thankful to my wonderful father Lucifer that has never let me down. He, who protected me, supported me, freed me from all the negativity, and he, who is always in my heart as the greatest motherfucker I ever have met in all my existence.

To many more incarnation with you my father and friend! I know your true face and how wonderful you are. I am your loyal son and friend forever.

And now, I thank YOU, the one that is reading this. You are right now already part of something bigger that we all cannot understand.

It's a movement - I giveaway the wonderful bracelets to share my happiness with you. However, I have only limited quantities and since these bracelets have been manufactured by my own teams which costed me a lot of money - I want to share it with those that love to share just like I do.

Create awesome posts, share it with everyone, and earn yourself 1000 points fast. Let's go!

I wish you many blessings!




Evocation Meaning - I Define Evocation For You

Evocation Meaning - I Define Evocation For You

Evocation, what is that exactly? When you are interested into the Occult you often hear the word Evocation and if you wonder what it means then this article is made for you.

Evocation Meaning
Evocation Meaning

I Define Evocation For You

An Evocation is the act of summoning a spirit before you.

When you call a spirit and it appears before you then that is called an Evocation. That is the one and only Evocation Definition you need.

Evocation Definition
Evocation Definition

Evocation Definition

The spirit is usually evoked into a circle because it helps the spirit to manifest better. The spirit will not appear in physical form, so, you need training psychic senses to actually see and sense the spirit.


I wish you many blessings!


It's your Anewbiz
It's your Anewbiz

Azazel Demon | Full Guide About Azazel

Azazel Demon | Full Guide About Azazel




Chapter 1

Azazel’s Background

Azazel was one of the Watchers that has taught humanity how to make swords, shields, and other weapons. 

He also taught humans how to use make-up, use colors, rare stones and crystals, how to make jewelry, and how to beautify eyelids.

God has seen Azazel’s actions as sinful as Azazel shouldn’t have helped and taught humanity about all these revolutionary things.

“That’s why Azazel was cast out of Heaven as he is a sinner.”

The Watchers, including Azazel, had the task to look over humanity, but they couldn’t resist their lust and started getting sexual with human women.

Azazel is now a fallen Angel with high authority and power. He is the leader of the Se’irim which translate out of Hebrew language to “He-Goat”. 

The Se’irim appear as Goat-Demons and be very malevolent, but their worshippers are not intimidated by that fact and have always made big sacrifices to them.

He was the Igigi’s rebel leader – The Igigi are the Gods from Heaven in Mesopotamian mythology.

Azazel ruled the first city of the Gods which is called “Sippar” and someone could find it 32 km southwest from Baghdad (Iraq).

Azazel is also the leader of the Jinns from Arab culture and Satyrs from Greek mythology.

He is seen as the God of Revenge & Justice and master of the Dark Magick. The meaning of the name "Azazel" is unknown and it can only be speculated what it means.



Chapter 2

Azazel Is Raw Power

Azazel is not below Lucifer’s command; instead he rules together with Lucifer. The Lord of Jinns, Satyrs, and Se’irim is known to be serious and straightforward.

He can be very seductive to women which a spell caster can use as an advantage to attract women to the spell caster.

Azazel can control your life completely, and he has no limits and no authority standing above him.

Occultists tend to work with Azazel because he is known for being a master of manifestation. He can get someone into positions of power and authority.

He can grant someone financial and spiritual success, but someone must prove him/herself as worthy, and that often requires sacrifices something (in chapter 3, you will find out what I mean).



Chapter 3

Azazel Demands Sacrifice

When you work with Azazel, then be prepared for a huge mess in your life. Members of my paid membership “Occult Oasis” know my full story and the ultimate power of the ritual I have done.

If you want to learn how to transform your life completely, then become a member of the “Occult Oasis”.

So, what sacrifice does he demand?

I do not mean physical sacrifices as those I will reveal in another chapter. Azazel demands from you to quit anything that holds you back, and that can be a very painful experience.

Most of the times, it’s a very painful transformation, but in the end, you are re-born and more yourself.

It’s time to be more you and less like the person other people want you to be. Azazel taught me self-respect, self-love, self-confidence, and to be a f*cking amazing GOD.

I have felt like nothing. Now I know I am everything. I am my own universe, and I have manifested massive success in my life.

I had no money, but now I am living my dream life. I am not feeling human at all – I feel so blessed and powerful.

However, you need to remember, I have gone through a life of pure shit, and then I went through a few years of pure shit and challenges that the Gods have given me.

Now, I am free, but I needed to sacrifice everything. I have not a girl anymore, I have no friends anymore, I see no sense in most things “normal” people like, I have lost many things, but I have won a life.

It’s clearly not for everyone, and that is why Azazel does not accept transforming anyone’s life. He looks deeply into your soul and mind and instantly knows if you are chosen and ready for this transformation.

I have begged for help for many years, but I wasn’t ready; that’s why I have worked very hard to become more powerful and reach my goals.

I have put my heart into everything I have done, and I have invested all my energy, time, and money into my spirituality.

I was ready to die to become more spiritual. I invested my last cents in becoming more spiritual; I had no fear of losing everything; I was ready to live in jail; I was always ready for the worst.

I go through every- and anything to reach my spiritual goals. SPIRITUALITY OVER EVERYTHING!

Are you chosen? Are you ready? Ask yourself and if you feel ready, then work with Azazel. You should not fear Azazel or the consequences as you need to be ready to sacrifice your old life.



Chapter 4

What You Need To Know About Azazel

His cardinal direction is North, that is why someone should face North when working with him. That ensures the best connection to him.

Azazel’s element is fire and air; that is why someone should burn candles and incense to increase the connection to Azazel.

Lord AZ-AZ-EL prefers blood-red, dark-blue, and black candles and Dragon’s Blood incense and Frankincense.

He likes Lead and Copper, and he likes Dragon’s Blood, Mandrake, and Devils Weed.

He rules Saturn and should be called on a Saturday in the hour of Saturn. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

He likes Obsidian, and if you want to make offerings to Azazel, then you should offer blood, semen, arousal-fluids from women, whiskey, rum, and red wine.

His favorite animals are goats, scorpions, and eagles.

Here are the names that are often linked to Azazel, Utu, Samas, Shamiyah, Zazel, Shamash, Ashur, Semjaza, Samyaza, Shemyaza, Shemihazah, Shamgaz, Samyazazel, and Shamyaza.

Azazel’s sigil is:

Azazel Sigil
Azazel Sigil


Chapter 5

Azazel Is Dangerous

I have already told you that you need to be ready to work with Azazel, but he can be very dangerous. However, you are not his enemy, are you? 

He is a nightmare for his enemies, and when he wants to destroy someone, nobody can stop him. There is no working exorcism that can cast Azazel out of a person.

That being said, you can now be afraid… or you just stop thinking like a “victim” and start thinking like a “master”.

If you own a dangerous dog, you do not need to be afraid, right? Just the others need to be afraid. Azazel is not your dog or anything you are owning, but he can be a close companion that will always give you host advice.

There is no need to fear him as he is wonderful and very helpful. I’d rather want to hear a nasty truth than a wonderful lie.

Azazel is straight forward, and he is not called “Azazel Demon” as that’s what people type into the Google search to find results of Azazel. 

He is called Lord Azazel. He is no real demon – he is a fallen angel who is a huge difference.

Fallen Angel’s have power over “light” and “darkness” – they have seen and mastered both sides.



Chapter 6

How to Summon Azazel | Azazel Invocation

Do this ritual on a Saturday night and make sure to cleanse yourself and your ritual space before and after the ritual.


How to summon Azazel – How to invoke Azazel

  1. Burn 2 black candles and Dragon’s Blood Incense or Frankincense.
  2. chant his name 6 times.
  3. draw his sigil with Dragon’s Blood Ink mixed with blood.
  4. Chant “Eye On Ca Azazel Aken” 6 times.
  5. Chant “Itz Rel Its Rel Azazel” 6 times.
  6. Do whatever work you want to do with him.
  7. Give him offerings of your choice.
  8. thank him and end the ritual by saying “So mote it be. Farewell, Lord Azazel”.
  9. Cleanse the ritual space and yourself.



Chapter 7

Azazel Demon of Fame, Money & Power

I want to clear out that I see Azazel as a fallen angel but since many people search for “Azazel Demon” and I want to get much publicity to this article I used Azazel Demon as the title.


Hail Azazel.


Wish you many blessings!


It's your Anewbiz
It's your Anewbiz


How to Remove Your Chakras - Chakra Removal Guide

How to Remove Your Chakras - Chakra Removal Guide

How To Remove Your Chakras Chakra Removal Guide
How To Remove Your Chakras Chakra Removal Guide

Why Should You Remove Your Chakras?

Every day there are astral beings around us and they are feeding off our energies and aura. They can easily do that by using our energy system as some kind of water tap.

They cannot consume our soul's energy as it is too powerful. That's the reason why they need Chakras.

Chakras are like a easy to control water fountain with several levels and there is wonderful energy on each level.

These astral parasites take advantage of your weaknesses. When you are vulnerable they attack you and feed off your energies.

Once they have "hacked" your system they also manipulate you and cause depression, anxiety, fear, and sickness to keep you weak.

When you are healthy, happy, and in true love then they cannot consume you. You are so wonderful and powerful - Do you know that?

This world tries to get you down - it's a system that tries to make true love look stupid and nobody really cares about each other.

This world gets people depressed, fearful, sick and less spiritual. The solution is to remove your chakras & protect yourself. 

Chakras make it easy for these nasty parasitic beings to consume your energies. The good news is that they cannot feed off our energies when we remove our chakras.

I show you how our energy looks like when it is not controlled by a chakra energy system.

That's how powerful your energies are when the chakras have been removed. Once your energies aren't controlled by the chakra system these beings would commit suicide when they would dare to take a "drink" from your energies.

Religion Is The Culprit?

If you are religious then that's okay with me, but my personal opinion is that religions are one of the reasons why people feel guilty and why they are fearful and anxious.

There is no hell where you will suffer and this world has not been made only for us humans. Animals are wonderful creatures that deserve happiness as well. This toxic thinking that humans stand over everything is why we have had so many wars.

All past and upcoming wars are caused by religious conflicts or because human think they are better than someone else (which is also taught by the religions).

Are Demons Evil?

Stop being afraid as there is no hell - I know it for 100% as the Gods which you might call Demons are wonderful beings that have helped me.

I was raised christian by my father's family side and I was raised islamic by my mother's family side. I know Judaism, Christianity, and Islam very very well.

I have suffered for my entire life to a degree that I didn't want to continue to live, but the Gods/Demons have helped me heal and become stronger and that's what you should do to be protected from astral parasites.

You see your believes can either make you happy or sad & depressed.

How To Remove Your Chakras


Write on parchment paper with Dragon's Blood Ink:

By My Authority And Will I Remove All Chakras And Chakra Implants Forever!!!

Get some Dragon's Blood Incense Or Frankincense.

Prepare a sterile needle or lancet used with or without a lancet device (Seek professional advice if you have never done this before).

Three black candles.

Offering Plate Or Bowl (where you burn the parchment paper in the ritual).

To do this ritual your ritual space and your body, mind, and soul need to be fully cleansed from any negativity.

Get into a trance before you start the ritual (Method: Meditate until you get into a very relaxed state).



First, you burn the three black candles.

Second, you call Azazel to assist you. Chant 11 times:

Eye On Ca Azazel Aken

Third, you sting your finger safely with your sterile needle or preferably lancet device and put your blood on the parchment paper.

Forth, you put a bit blood on each of the three black candles.


Fifth, you chant the following:

By Azazel's Authority And Will All Chakras And Chakra Implants Are Remove Forever!!!


Sixth, you visualize a dark portal in front of you that is destroying anything that enters it.

Seventh, you visualize how each of your chakras is sucked out of your body, mind, and soul into this all-destroying dark portal.

Start with your root chakra and go up your chakras until you reach your crown chakra. Visualize how one chakra is sucked into the all-destroying dark portal after another.


Eighth, you recite the following:

All Implants And Chakras Are Removed From Me Forever!!!


Ninth, you visualize how the dark portal closes and disappears.


Tenth, thank Azazel for his assistance.


Eleventh, you cleanse and protect your body, mind, and soul.


Twelfth, you connect with the God/Goddess of your choice to ask for additional protection.


Alright, I hope and believe that this guide helps a massive amount of people! May you all be blessed and protected on your ways.

Leave a like now & comment your opinion and useful tips + knowledge.

I wish you many blessings!

It's Your Anewbiz
It's Your Anewbiz