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Malik Ashur
Malik Ashur Contributor

Welcome to my profile! My name is Malik.

I love to share my knowledge about the Occult and Spirituality.

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Easy Money Spell

For this easy money spell, you only need the following things:

  • Nine Pennies
  • An Envelope
  • Green Paper

Go outside under a tree. Then write on the paper how much money you want, but be realistic. Fold the paper now three times and add this with the pennies in the envelope and chant the following three times:

Nine cents to make prosperity flow. Nine pennies to multiply, nine pennies to grow.


Now seal the envelope and draw on it a Dollar $ sign. Bury the envelope under the tree and ask it to have a watch over your pennies.


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Attract money into your life easy money spell

Do you want to attract more money into your life? Then try out this easy money spell!

For this easy money spell, you need the following ingredients:

  • Small Cloth Pouch
  • Some Play Money (best coins)
  • Taglock
  • Nutmeg
  • Ginger
  • Silver Candle
  • Golden Candle

So, start with casting a magickal circle and get into a relaxed state. Then light the two candles (you should be between the candles), while you’re chanting the following:

Gold and Silver, Silver and Gold, make money come and dollars unfold.


Now put the taglock and the money in your bag while you visualize how you are getting money. You should rub these two ingredients in each other. Then chant the following:

Cast from necessity, not from greed, all I’m asking is for what i need


Now put the nutmeg and ginger in the bag and visualize again how you are getting money. Hold the bag in your hands and chant:

Tens and twenties, fives and ones, as I will, so mote it be!


Now visualize again for about 10 minutes how money comes into your life.


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Get your ex back love spell

Do you want your ex back? Then you should do this powerful love spell!

What do you need?:

  • Fresh Lemon
  • Pen
  • Paper (best pink)
  • Red Yarn/Ribbon

So, write your and the target name on the paper. Now cut the lemon in half and fold the paper so that both names are touching each other. Now place the paper between the half as if it were a sandwich. Now attach it with the ribbon or yarn. While you are doing this, visualize how you and the target are getting together and what you would feel then. Place the „Sandwich“ in a safe place.


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Attraction Love Spell

Do you want more love in your life? Then simply attract it with magickal work.

Here is what you need:

  • Paper
  • Pen (red ink)
  • Some Rosepetals
  • Red Candle

Start by lighting the candle and then focus on its smoke. Now draw a pentagram on the paper and write down your romantic desires. Now, as soon as the candle is melting, dip the pen into it and let some wax on the paper. 

Then write the following and chant this three times:

“Goddesses Venus and Astaroth, I call upon as I wish to entice ___ into my life. May they love me for as long as I adore them.”


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Lucifuge Rofocale Guide



Lucifuge Rofocale is not mentioned in religious scripts or mythologies. What makes Lucifuge Rofocale a darker being is that he doesn’t influence the pop culture. He has specific literature, which leads to that either people know exactly who he is or they have absolutely no clue. He is a rare figure; he is only in the occult literature without folklore, pop culture, mythology, fantasy, etc..


The Grand Grimoire is a book from 1900, in which Lucifuge Rofocale is mentioned. In this book, he is also known as the “Red Dragon”.  There are all kinds of information, from full-fledged evocation to herbal alchemy. 

The contents are very interesting. There are, for example, much of herbal alchemy instructions and exact chemicals, like arsenic, sulfate, copper, etc..

It’s because, at this time, the chemistry became significantly more organized and developed. There is even a chemical recept fort the „Philosopher’s Stone“.

But what also interesting is, is the list of the demons. In this book are many demons that are not mentioned literally, the most important demon is the Prime Minister, Lucifuge Rofocale.

There are also democratic ranks like Prime Minister instead of aristocratic ranks like Count, Duke, Earl, etc.. The book says that the Prime Minister, Lucifuge Rofocale, is more important as the Emperor Lucifer.

The evocation is very similar to the Ars Goetia (Ars Gotia: Draw Jesus‘ names, cut a wand from a special tree at a specific hour, use of incense, skin-an-animal, etc.). However, it is far more complex and very specific.

Usually, you evoke Lucifuge Rofocale to ask him that he will lead you to hidden treasures, but then you have to promise him that you will do rituals for the rest of your life; otherwise, he will take all your treasures or your soul. 



This is another departure from the traditions of Grimoire. It makes the infernal hierarchy easier, but over-complicates rituals with pointless actions. It boils everything down to treasure, which you get from the „Devil“ (In exchange, you have to be loyal to him) instead of that what a magician wants.


I think you should know why grimoire is so important. Grimoire inspired the Hollywood depiction of all Occultists and is the first that brought these concepts in notoriety. The Grand Grimoire expresses everything without any mystical commitment or allegory. This has a strong component, especially in things like praying, fasting, biblical symbolism, and taking astrological times.


Lucifuge Rofocale is a spirt from the Grand Grimoire and is the so-called "devil". He is the opposite of father Lucifer. Lucifuge is associated with Saturn, Lucifer, on the other hand, with the Sun. Of course, illumination, rebellion, and knowledge not anymore seen as negative in this century.

On the other hand, is wealth and discipline secrecy and obscurity. If Lucifer is the cosmic rebel, a fallen angel,  the one who teaches forbidden knowledge, then is Lucifuge Rofocale, the darkness, the one who protects wealth and guard gates, hides knowledge. If you take the biblical “Devil”, then the dark aspects are from Lucifuge, and the rebellious aspects are from Lucifer.


The „Devil“, who the most people fear, is then Lucifuge. His name plays with Lucifer’s name. I think that in the 19th Century, it became clear that Lucifer ist he Bringer of Light. However, Lucifuge is the exact opposite; he is the one who seeks refuge from the light. If Lucifuge is is the hidden wealth under the Earth in eternal darkness until it is unearthed, then can Lucifer symbolized as a burning torch.


Lucifuge has not the most prominent role in the Hermetic Kabbalah and the Occult. On the Qlipoth, he is on the third sphere, which is called Satariel (Dawn Of God).

Because Lucifuge dwells in a maze, some say that he rules the Vision of Sorrow. Upon being crossed, this experience can give you a good vision of supernatural light. Satariel rules the third eye. The crone reveals the Divine Mother; Mater Dolores turns to Virgin Mary, Kaali turns to Shakti, the Vision of Sorrow turns to the Vision of Light. Use the following enn to call him:

Eyen Tasa Valocur Lucifuge Rofocale

Lucifuge is a tricky God (as all Saturnian Gods/Spirits), and it’s easy to make him angry. But you can make a pact with him for wealth or his powers to manifest your desires.


Let’s start with the preparation; you can find the Sigil in the thumbnail or here

The best day to invoke him is in the hour of Saturn on Saturday in the night.

Draw this Sigil with red ink on a parchment paper and write his enn down. Now place two candles on each side of you and face north. Then meditate for about 30min on your Pineal Gland and Third eye. After that, call the powers of Saturn, say Lucifuge’s enn about 10 to 20 times, and meditate on the Sigil. But beware: have no fear! It’s important.

You should be also be experienced, invoke him not as your first God/Spirit. 


Love Spell Guide

Do you try a lot of Love Spells without success? Or do you want that someone is falling in love with you? Then check out this Guide!


@Anewbiz recently made a Livestream to Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients  - check it out for more help!

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Here is what you need:

1. Believe that the spell works.

If you don't believe that the spell will work, it will not.

It's essential to have a strong will. Your thoughts are intense energies and always influence the results.

Always when you cast a spell but don't believe that this will work, then you are only wasting your time.

2. Always be realistic.

You can not expect that a love spell will work if you don't have a good connection to this person. For example, if your crush is a celebrity and you make a love spell on her, that will 100% not work, because you are not in contact with her.

Besides, you have to be spirituality and need much practice. You need to learn how you can direct your energies into the spell.

3. Search correspondences.

For example, a new moon is an excellent time to start new things.

Search for offerings for each lunation.

Colors, textures, leaves, herbs, days of the week, and crystals can strengthen your spell work, just research it.

4. Always be precise.

If you cast a love spell, then set specific intentions. If you set generally intentions, the spell will be imprecise.

If you involve your partner in the spell, then focus on the person, for example, you can make an enn, where his/her name is.

5. Be in the now.

Always when you do a spell, you use a lot of energy, so it's normal to feel them.

If you are done with the spell, don't be surprised that you don't feel the energies anymore, it's because you finished it.

Keep in mind that spells take time to work; it may take a few weeks to a few months.

6. Don't overthink the spell's outcome.

As I already said, your thoughts can influence the spell. If you think every time over the outcome may, the spell won't work anymore. You have to trust, give space, and time the spell.

7. Law of the return.

Do you ever hear about the law of threefold return?

All energies you're collecting a direct will return to you three times.

Depending on the spell, the triple effect can relate to either the order or the strength, but regardless of this, the ethical work of spells leads to the best results for others and you. There is no higher power than light: the most effective spells are rooted in empathy, compassion, and friendliness.

What are spells exactly?

Spells are not like in movies like "Harry Potter" or something else.

Spells are mostly very quiet, and you can do them on your own.

You use your energies to manifest your desires.

If you ask guidance from the universe or spirits, it will tune your vibrations to the forces of those.

What isn't a Spell?

If someone just using words with no serious intention, then this person can't tell this a spell.

When you perform one with much intention and will, then you can say that you cast one.

If there is a night, were you drunk alcohol or took something else, the spell does not count as a spell.

What's to do before casting a love spell?

You have to make sure that you have good and real intentions. If you cast a spell, you must know that you're trying to change events in the universe.

What're your goals for casting one? Do you want to be forever with your lover? Or do you want to get love into your life? Do you want a new partner? Or do you want stronger love between you and your partner?

Imagine how do you feel if someone casts a love spell on you. If it's feeling bad or not so good, then don't continue with doing one.

Don't have unrealistic expectations

If you think back to the law of attraction? What comes in your mind?

So, the more you think about something, the more you attract this.

It's not different with magic: If you cast a spell, but don't believe in that, that this will function, then it won't.

Yet you shouldn't expect too much. You should've real expectations.

Imagine you trying to turn water into lava with spellwork. That won't work.

A prerequisite, for example, is that your target must like you because you can't change feelings with a spell: If someone hates you, then you can't force him/her to love you.

When should you cast a love spell?

So, it does not matter when you do a love spell; you can do them whenever you want.  There some moments when it's better to cast one, for example:

You want to strengthen your relationship and cast a love spell. Then the best time a full moon.

If you want to attract new love into your life, then the waxing moon phase.

If you want to end a relationship, then cast the spell during the waning phase.

Do you feel ready to cast one?

If you feel safe and ready now, then try out the following Love Spells:

Attract Love Into Your Life Spell

Get the following ingredients:

⦁    One Paper

⦁    One Red Pen

⦁    Some Rose Petals

⦁    One Red Candle

First, light the candle and focus the smoke from it. Now, write on the paper that you desire.

Then dip the pen with the wax of the candle and put some on the paper.

Now chant the following three times:

Goddess Venus, I call upon your name as I wish to entice ____ into my life. May they love me for as long as I adore them

Make Your Crush Loves You


⦁    Picture Of The Target

⦁    Some Blue And Red Candles

⦁    Rosewood incense

⦁    Monday

Start the spell at the beginning of the lunar cycle, light the candles (red = love, blue = luck) and burn the rosewood incense.

Look in the picture until you can visualize the person completely.

Chant three times the following:

To you, I seek affection from, by the guidance of the stars.

Now visualize, while meditating 10 to 15 minutes, your desired outcome.

Get Your Ex Back Spell.


⦁    One Fresh Lemon

⦁    One Paper (best pink)

⦁    Red Yarn/Ribbon

So, now write down yours and the target full name on the paper. Then cut the lemon in half and fold the paper so the names are touch.

Now place the paper between the two halves and wrap the red yarn/ribbon around it, while you visualize the desired outcome.

Lastly, hide it in a safe place and wait a month.

What should you do after the Love Spell?

You shouldn't think about the spell, because it influences it.

Trust your spell work and be patient.

Often spells show their function after a month or longer. Give it time and space.

When you say something like "When does it work?", "Why does it take so much time?" or "It didn't work" then you release negative energies, which influence the spell.

Tips For Casting Spells

1.    Start always with casting a magickal circle.

2.    Centering and Grounding (Methods to connect with energies of the universe and planet. this add more power to the spell)

3.    To raise the energy means that you use powerful prayers, chants, and/or other methods.

Good to know:

Desire and need are significant for magick.

You can also cast a circle and spell with a friend to empower it, but you don't need to.

It helps to bring your desires in line with the universe. For this, make a list of your dream person.

Things like:

1.    He/She should make me laugh

2.    He/She can make me happy

3.    He/She respects me

Limit the list to 10 points.

Look at your list and note the points, and before you cast the spell, ask yourself whether all aspects apply to your target person - and if not, is it then okay for you?

Use the list as a spell (Powerful)

If you want, you can use the list as a spell.

If you're in a relationship, this will strengthen it or show you that your actual partner is not the right.

If you're single, this will attract love into your life.

Get the following:

⦁    One Pink Candle

⦁    Rose Incense


⦁    Some Roses And Other Flowers

⦁    Dove Blood Ink

⦁    An Altar

⦁    Piece of pink quartz

⦁    A drum

Do this spell during the full or waxing moon.

Now cast a magickal circle, place (on your altar) the candle. Then place in front of the candle the other ingredients.

After that, ground and center.

Now invoke the spirit of your choice.

While the next five steps, visualize your desired outcome.

1.    Chant and write down the following:

I accept a reciprocal relationship that fulfills and satisfies me emotionally, physically, dynamically, mentally, and spiritually.

2.    Chant again five times

3.    Place the list under the candle

4.    Raise your energy

5.    Direct these energies into the candle

Now light the candle and chant:

I accept love! So mote it be!

Thank the spirits and let the candle burn down.

Chant the first every day.


@Anewbiz recently made a Livestream to Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients  - check it out for more help!

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For many love spells, you need ingredients like candles, paper, incense, etc. and also, they take mostly a long time to show effects.

Therefore i have some love spells without ingredients, and they work immediately:


That' incredible that Visualisation can be used as a spell, isn't it?

You have to visualize your desired outcome, for example; You imagine how you and your target kisses, having sex, etc.

But it's essential to be very specific. The more thoughts and strength you put in there, the more successful the spell becomes


The most common and accidental are spells by emotions.

You have to use the energies of the emotions to reach your intentions.

The emotions you have, have to be strong. For example;

You cast a love spell, but your feelings are not significant for her, then wouldn't this spell have results.

But if you feel uncertain about him/her, then this spell won't work.

Emotionally elemental spells are unpredictable and zealous.


Programm an item with your intentions.

If the spell begins to fade, then recharge it.

it is best if you have an object that you connect with the target person

For this, you have to direct the energies from your third eye through your heart to your right hand, while holding the item, then visualize a white aura of the thing.

Now look at it and program it by chanting your intention on it.


The most spell casters use written and chanted spells.

You can improve to make a spell. Many people think that the spell must rhyme and be long, but although rhyme and long chants are good to hear,  the spell doesn't need this.

If you want, you can empower your words when you talk to someone. When you have a dream, say that with intention and visualize it.

Caution: Don't empower the spell with any negativity!

Notable is that the spell applies with your willpower and motive. You can reach the best result when you believe positivity.


Now i have a few love spells more for you:

Number 1:

Go to a quiet place, then close your eyes, visualize your target and the desired outcome, while you are chanting something like this:

"He/She is in deep love with me" and "He/She can think only about me."

Before you open your eyes, do a prayer for assistance in love and relationship.

Number 2:

Do the shape of the heart with your hands.

Now visualize the love you want and chant:

"Bring love to me, thank you, gods and goddesses, so mote it be!"

Number 3:

For this Powerful Love Spell, you need only a picture of your target and some offerings for 30 days.

1.    When you wake up, look into your target eyes and wish him/her a good morning, then offer his/her favorite food or other things. When you go sleeping, wish him/her a good night.

2.    After you have done step 1 for 30 days,  look into the eyes of your target in the picture, while growing moon phase at night, chant the following three times and visualize the desired outcome:

My beloved, we are already connected, and you have a place in my life. Come to me, hug and kiss me. I always take care of you. So mote it be!

Number 4:

Excellent that this love spell doesn't need ingredients.

Just get sure that you are in a relaxed state, and your target is at home.

Then chant the full target name five to ten times. Say to him/her, 

Hear me! 


Love me!

Then do the same again but replace your target name with yours.

Lastly, say, 

So mote it be!


@Anewbiz recently made a Livestream to Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients  - check it out for more help!

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The day of the Goddess of Love, of Venus, is Friday, that's why Friday is the best day to do love spells. Her favorite candle colors are green and red.


  • New Long Silk String (green or red)
  • Sandalwood

So, get into a meditative state and visualize your desired outcome.

Then, while you are making a knot, chant the following six times:

In the name Venus and Aastaroth, deities of love, I am binding the love of my dreams to me. I live with [target] in love, understanding, and harmony. I thank God's love for accomplishment and power. I am an excellent partner to [target]. So mote it be!

Now burn and bury the knot with sandalwood near a healthy tree.



  • One puppet of you and the target, which is mold out of white cloth
  • Red/Green sideband
  • One Pink Silk Scarf

Ingredients (Optional):

  • Altar
  • Orange Flowers
  • Honey
  • Red/Green Candle
  • Tarot Card For Love
  • Sandalwood

You can add a strand of hair to the puppet from you and to the doll of the target a strand of hair from him/her. You can add more; the more energy, the stronger the spell will be.  

Go out on a waxing moon phase on Friday and call Venus and Aastaroth Then, tie the puppets with the sideband, while visualizing the desired outcome.

Now put the puppets in a pink silk scarf and hide it in a safe place.

Thank the Spirits.


Love Spells can be used to bring partners back together.

For Example; 

You recently had a partner, but you broke up.

Now get a picture of you and one of the target. Then make sure that you have a green or red candle.

Place the pictures so that the faces face each other, under the candle and stick them with honey.

Now place the pictures under the candle and visualize the desired outcome.

Remember that all the things you have that you associate with your partner are useful and strong energies for a love spell.

You can always add more "ingredients" like flowers, apples, etc. to make the love spell stronger.

If you want, you can call someone who was with you was in a good relationship, say him, that you do prayers for him/her if he/she helps you to empower the love spell.

What also makes the love spell stronger is to call Aastaroth. But remember: If you call a deity, don't forget to offer him/her something (on your altar).

The best results in love spells, you get when you use personal things of you and the target.

After the ritual/spell, you can bury all the ingredients under a healthy and robust tree (symbol of growth), but if you want that something/someone gets rid, you should throw the ingredients into flowing water.


When you have a date, then it would be great if you can add some magickal touch the food, isn't it? If you want, you can dip a little bit of your blood to the food while you chant and visualize the desired outcome.

Do you want to strengthen the relationship or attraction?

Then you can offer to the target person some food, like an apple or orange, etc., consecrate it with your energies and program it with your desires.


Are you single? Do you finally want a good relationship?

Try out this love spell; you only need:

  • Tarot Card For Love
  • One Green Candle
  • One Lighter

Program the Tarot Card with your intentions, desires, and the qualities of the dream partner.

Start on a Friday at the new moon, always when you start the spell work, light the candle and let it burn the whole love spell (except the 2nd Friday).

So, get into a relaxed state and visualize your desires. Feel so good as you can how nice it would be to have a lover and what you should do with him/her.

Now call Venus and Aastaroth.

Visualize how the "target" is holding your hand and then chant three times the following:

In the name of Venus and Aastaroth, the Goddesses of love, come to my life!

Think again back to the qualities that your partner should have and meditate about the desires.

To this, every day for one week, on the 2nd Friday, burn the card and bury it than under a healthy and strong tree.


Is the harmony going down in the relationship? Or do you want to strengthen it?

Then use this simple love spell:


  • First Day Of Waxing Moon
  • Two Fast-Growing Beans

So, when its the first day of a waxing moon, program the beans with the desired outcome and your names (one seed representing you and the other your partner), then bury them in nature.

When they start growing, connect their vines, and give them everyday water.

Whenever you take care of the plants, visualize the desired outcome.



  • One Picture Of You
  • One Picture Of The Target
  • One White And Red Candle
  • (Altar)
  • Fresh Red Roses

Start by calling Aastaroth and do prayers! Program the pictures and roses with your desires. Then place the rose on your altar.  And stick the images together with red candle wax.

Now place the pictures under the red candle, meditate and visualize the desired outcome.

If you're done, bury the rose together with the candles and pictures under a strong and healthy tree.



  • Picture Of You
  • Water
  • Chilli Powder
  • Honey
  • One Dark Blue And Green Candles
  • Lighter
  • Cup

So, cast a magickal circle. Then light the green candle, call Aastaroth, and chant the following three times:

The powers of love, please, come to me and awake through me!

Do some prayers to Aastaroth.

Now, light the dark blue candle and  chant three times:

The powers within me, my powers of attraction, awake!

Fill water into the cup and chant three times:

As the water in the bowl rise, my power of attraction rise.

Now add some honey and chili powder to the water.

Then focus the picture and imagine you don't know who is this.

Now watch how beautiful, attractive, and nice-looking you are. Find as many things on you that you find attractive, add the things you want to become.

Then visualize how you are entering a room, and you can hear others' compliments about you.

After that, write on your picture all your desires about attraction, things like:

I'm bright, I'm attractive, My smile is looking beautiful, etc.

Hold the cup the entire spell long! Breath the visualization into the bowl of water and then drink it.

When it's a full moon, then burn all the ingredients.



  • Oil Burner
  • One Tea Light
  • Six Drops Of Ylang Oil
  • Two Teaspoons Of Water
  • One Lighter
  • One Green Or Red Candle (15 to 20cm long)
  • One Elastic Band
  • Red And Green Tape (1 Metre long)

Start the spell at the half of waxing moon.

Cast a magical circle. Now place the water and oil into the oil burner.

Light the candle, call Aastaroth, and do a prayer.

Then hold the candle and chant three times the following:

I am giving my complete love to this maypole in my hands. True love is coming into my life as the spring is coming after the winter.

Then tie around the candle (the lower part) with the band. Put some of the red tape under the band and chant the following three times:

My love is balanced and carrying.

Do the same with the green tape and chant three times.

My love is strong and lasting.

After that, chant three times:

Bring my love to me. True love. So mote it be!

Light the candle, then visualize your desired outcome.

Remove the tapes, connect them, and wear them on the wrist until your ex comes back to you.



  • A Jewel
  • Two Green Candles
  • Something Sharp
  • One Lighter
  • Offerings for Venus and Aastaroth

Carve on one candle, the Sigil of Venus, and the other the sigil of Aastaroth. Call them.

Then light the candles and chant three times the following:

Venus and Aastaroth, the powers of love, please, come to this ritual!

Now program the jewel with your attractive attributes. Ask Venus and Aastaroth to make you attract the right partner and make you shine.

Last, put the jewel under the candles.


Spiritual- and self-knowledge are the best protection.

Many people don't pay attention to their intuition and acting without asking themselves: Why am I doing this? Is it right? Etc.

Through meditation, you get to know yourself, practice meditation every day.

Often people break up because someone used a separation and/or love spell.

Then you can also use love spells and rituals to get the ex back.

Charged amulets are also excellent protection.


Many people think that when they use love spells, then everything will be alright. But if it is so easy, do we need magicians?

Things can go wrong after you successfully cast a love spell because all is interconnected.

A skilled magician is required to bring the partner back into love and harmony unless you become an experienced magician yourself by casting all days a (love) spell.

For example;

A man is an alcoholic, and whenever he is on alcohol, he beats his wife.

The woman leaves him because she can't take it.

After considerations, the man decided to go to a magician. He casts a powerful love spell, and after a few weeks, he comes back with his ex.

But he didn't change, kept drinking and beating his wife. Then they divorce again.

Another example;

Max and Marie had a good relationship.  They moved into a house together and had a good life. Then he was kicked out of his job, and she decided to separate because of money problems.

He paid a magician for a love spell, and this worked. But when they were together again, he still had no regular source of money, and that's why they broke up again.

Love Spells can give you a second chance, but if you don't use the opportunity, then the partner will leave you again. There is more than one reason why you broke up. Find out what are the causes and try to change them.

If you broke up because you don't have the same interests, hobbies, etc. as your "partner," but you cast a love spell, it would not much change, and you'll break up again.

As i said, you have to think positive; People who think positive and always smiles are statistically speaking successfully and healthier than people who don't do this.

You always have to work on your goal. When you use magick, like love spells, but you don't do anything for the goal, then you can't reach it.

For example;

You cast a love spell, but you are not in contact with the target, how should she fall in love with you? That's not possible.


@Anewbiz recently made a Livestream to Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients  - check it out for more help!

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Voodoo Love Spells are so popular because they show excellent and powerful results.

But what makes them so effective?

To answer this question, we have to look at the types of magic, which are very different.

Voodoo Magic in particular. They can be written to suit your desires. Voodoo Love Spells can be very direct because the rules of white magic don't influence them. This makes the spellwork more effective than white magick love spells. White Magick Love Spells attracts certain energies and haven't specific goals.

There are many various types to cast a Voodoo Love Spell, from magickal powders to ritual baths, etc..


White magick has an easy rule: None can be harmed!

Now think, according to white magick, that "harm" includes restricting someone's free will.

That means that you cant cast a white magick love spell on someone against her/his will.

People can use white magick love spells to attract love into their life, but hey don't have control over that what the spell brings to them.


There are no traditional kinds of witchcraft and magick.

Voodoo users use this magick to manipulate the target so that the target starts loving the spell caster. This isn't a moral judgment. But if there are negative results, then you have to accept these.


Love Spells can bring good results - but sometimes there are also bad results;

You're probably asking yourself now; what negative consequences could happen?

So, if someone casts a love spell on you, but you love another person, then the spellcaster forces you to something that you don't want. White Magick users consider this as harm.

Here is another example:

You've fallen in love with someone. Then, you cast a love spell, but after the spell successfully worked, you notice that the target had a partner, and they have two kids.

I think this falls under the category of hurting someone.

If you cast a love spell on someone, then you bind her/him spiritually to you. Then you find out that you only fell in love and that the partner is the wrong for a life long romance. This can also be a consequence; you'll have to accept this.

Witchcraft is only a practice and not a religion. So you only have to take responsibility for what you do.



⦁    Very powerful

⦁    Many options from potions to powders to talismans

⦁    Spells mostly include household items


⦁    Knowledge which passed down by word of mouth is harder to learn

⦁    It can be confusing because there are many traditions


Voodoo Love Spells were originated in a rich tradition of shamanistic, ancient Africans. That was brought from the Atlantic Ocean to the USA, the Carribean, and parts of South America.

These Central- and West African traditions are fused with Western Christianity.

Vodoo users think that there is an invisible and visible world. Our dead ancestors are alive but in the unseen world. Ancestor worship is in Vodoo essential, as is performing rituals, etc..

In Vodoo is one high god, but there are many other spirits, which you can call for help in spellwork.

Vodoo Spell work has many commons with other kinds of witchcraft spells.

Vodoo Spells includes Candles, Herbs, Crystals, Minerals, Simulacras, and Talismans. The Vodoo Puppet is a physical object, which is charged with energies and intentions, but not all voodoo users use this.


To make magickal voodoo oil is essential in Vodoo. Therefore, even though you can buy finished oils, the tradition encourages the learning of the use of herbs and other ingredients and preparing on your own. To make your oils, you need a pestle and mortar.

Pour two ounces oil, add a mixture of the ingredients and herbs as per the recipe. Store the mixture in an airtight container and wait four days. Store these oils ever in a cool and dry place.


This oil will attract love into your life.

What you need:

⦁    Rose Otto (Oil)

⦁    Rose Geranium (Oil)

⦁    Rose Fragrance

⦁    Lavender Oil

⦁    Vanilla Oil

⦁    Sandalwood Oil

When the target is near to you, then touch his/her pulse points to attract him/her.


Spiritual Baths are also Vodoo magickal practice. They are removing negativities and cleaning the spirit and body and can attract specific intentions and fill the spellcaster with good energies.

Instructions for spiritual bathing:

1.    Fill the bathtub with water

2.    Bless this water and call the appropriate Gods/Goddesses

3.    Soak yourself entirely in the water chant your desires

4.    Stay at least for 10 to 15 minutes in the bath while you're visualizing the solution of your problems

5.    Now imagine how your issues are vanishing and then chant the following, while you drain the water: My Problems are vanished, So mote it be!

6.    Clean the tub with salt


This bath will help you to attract a lover or correcting your relationship.

What you need:

⦁    Yellow food coloring

⦁    Wash with honey

⦁    Parsley and yarrow flowers

⦁    Patchouli or cinnamon incense

⦁    Yellow or orange candle


These bags are essential and common elements of Voodoo-Magick.

They are made from chamois, red flannel or leather traditionally.

Gris-gris bags are little pouches; it's like a spell in a bag.

In these bags are objects which are programmed with your intentions.

To activate the magic, you have to place the objects inside the bag. Then anoint them and smudge the items with incense or breath upon.

You can fill these bags with herbs, pieces of bones, graveyard dust, and crystals. Traditional, the spell caster wears the bag always with him/herself.

Effectively it's a Talisman. After the bag has been sealed, you have to cover it with special oil.

Essential things to these bags:

A.    Choose the right color for the kit according to the color symbolism.

B.    Place always an odd number of ingredients in the bag. Nevermore than 13 and never less than 3.

C.    You have to fill the bag with ingredients that are relevant to your intentions.

D.    You have to dress the bag with a potion or magickal oil.

E.    Don't forget to activate the bag!


You can add this powder to your gris-gris bag or dust on your body.


⦁    Orris Root

⦁    Vanilla Oil

⦁    Patchouli

First, grind the herbs and add cornstarch or rice flour. The mix with a few drops of Vanilla oil.



⦁    One Pink Candle

⦁    A Toothpick

⦁    Your Favorite Perfume (Optional: Essential Oil)

⦁    Moonlight

So, sharp a heart into the toothpick, while you are visualizing that love is coming to you.

Now put and light the candle under the moonlight and place the perfume in front of the candle.

Then chant three times the following:

Oshun, bestow upon me the love that I need, let this scent attract love to me, so mote it be!

Let the candle completely burn down and wear the perfume every time you go outside. Repeat the chant every day to give this spell more power.


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Develop your psychic senses guide


1. Visualization

Visualization is an Excellent Exercise to train your third eye.

So, take a flower, or something else, place it in front of you and look at it for some seconds. Then close your eyes and visualize so good as you can the flower. Think definitely of all the little details, the height, color,...

This is a very excellent exercise and will help you.

2. Day Dreaming

Back when you were still in school, you certainly often daydreamed.

Think back to this time!

Then get into a relaxed state and close your eyes. Now focus your third eye and ask the Spirit Guides to show you good and beautiful looking pictures.

Just leave the pictures as they come, don't try to influence or think about them.

3. Talk To Your Spirit Guides

If you never talked to your Spirit Guides, don't worry, this is a powerful exercise!

Simply start to talk to your Spirit Guides the whole day, just start talking, also if you can't hear them.

If you ponder a decision or want intuitive guidance, ask your Spirit Guides. Although you may not be able to hear them, they can hear and see you.

Notice all that you experienced with this exercise (Pictures, Intuition,...).

4. Stay Always With The Spirit Guides

The Spirit Guides will always help you to develop your Clairabilities.

Through your Clairabilities, your Spirit Guides will communicate with you.

So, if you don't know what's the right decision or what you should first do, then ask your  Spirit Guides for help.

You have to decide that your Spirit Guides guide you.

If you did that, then look out for signs, they can be everywhere.

5. Aura Seeing

For this exercise, you need a friend who stands in front of a white wall.

Position yourself so that you can see him/her ultimately.

Then look at his/her third eye area and imagine how you see through him/her the wall.

You should start to see the aura around the head.

6. Meditation

Do meditation to your daily routine. This is one of the important and powerful things to develop your Clairabilities.

It will connect you to your Higher (Spiritual) Self.

Meditation will increase your vibrations and energies.

7. Keep A Diary

If you connected with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self, you certainly want to write down your experiences.

This will strengthen the connection to your Spirit Guides and Higher Self.

8. Read Your Friends And Family

Someday it will be boring only to read about the Clairabilities; you have to start reading your family or friends.

Trust me, and this is a powerful exercise. Do this as often you can!

9. Fluorite Crystal

Fluorite Crystals will help to activate your third eye and gives you psychic protection.

Meditate and sleep nearby the crystal. You can also wear it.

10. Rosemary Oil

Take a drop of Rosemary oil and rub it over your third eye area. It is too good to meditate on this.

11. High Vibration Food

Just eat everyday dark organic chocolate and fresh fruits. That will help to strengthen your aura and raise your vibration.

12. Telepathy

Practice telepathy! Just visualize the face of a friend or someone else and then say something energetically to him/her, for example, that they should contact you.

13. Third Eye Activation

The Third Eye is like a muscle; the more you train it, it will get stronger.

Tap your third eye area a few times with your index finger and visualize how your third eye opens.

14. Search A Spiritual Teacher

To have a spiritual teacher is recommended.

They can help you much to develop your psychic senses.

15. Meditate With One Crystal

Just get into a relaxed state and put one of the following crystal on your third eye and start meditating.

⦁    Amethyst

⦁    Aquamarine

⦁    Celestite

⦁    Fluorite

⦁    Labradorite

⦁    Moonstone

⦁    Opal

⦁    Sugilite

⦁    Tektite

⦁    Ulexite

16.  Use Zener Cards

So, use Zener Cards and send telepathic pictures to a friend and receive some of them.

17. Dream Diary

Clairvoyant messages and signs from Gods, Spirit Guides, etc., often come in your dreams.

If you got signs, messages, etc. notice them in a diary. (You can use the same journal from point seven)

18. Turn Your Clairabilities Off

When you are done with exercising, visualize a candle in the middle of your hand and simply blow it out.

This helps to control the psychic senses.

19. Don't Expect Anything

If you expect something, it will come slower. Forget all that someone told you, how clairabilities are, and don't think about how they can be.

You have to experience it yourself.

20. Work Always With Your Third Eye

Your Third Eye is the connection to your Clairvoyance.

Remember the experiences you've done, meditate every day, and use the tips.

21. Reading Objects

Get an object and hold it.

Now close your eyes and try to see and hear everything about this.

22. Nature Walk

Meditation is not only sitting down, but you can also meditate by going out and take a walk.

Focus on every step you take and what you feel then.

23. Reading

Start reading books, articles, posts,... about psychic senses.

24. Antique Store

So, go into an antique store and then take an object.

Then try the same things as in point one.

25. Tarot Cards

Get Tarot Cards and take one, then meditate on the card.

Write down all the clairvoyant/clairaudient that you received.

26. Clairaudience Exercise

When you go to sleep, just focus on all the sounds which you hear.

Do this every day.

27. Don't read, just do it!

If you want to become a soccer star, and you only read about the things that they did to get there where they are, you will not become one.

The same applies to the development of your psychic abilities.

28. Pet Reading

If you have a pet, then go to it and try to feel its feelings.

29. Picture Reading

Get some family pictures, like one where your grandpa is on or someone you have never met.

Look at the picture and then write down all that you feel.

30. Do Prayers

Pray to a god, which you like and/or connected with.

31. High Vibration

To keep your vibrations high is recommended.

To do this, you need to meditate and eat high vibration foods every day.

32. Clairaudience

If you wait somewhere, then train your audience. Just listen to the background noises.

33. Seek Hidden Objects

Ask a friend to hide your keys or some clothing. While your friend does this, go outside.

When you than inside, try to connect to the energies of the item/s and feel where it is.

You can ask yourself something like this:

Is it under my bed?

Is it in my bath?

Is it behind my computer?


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His zodiac position is 15 to 19 degrees of Gemini.

The best date to work with him is from the 6th to the 10th of July.

His Tarot Card is 9 of Swords.

He rules over the Venus.

His favorite candle color is Black.

His favorite plant is Mandrake.

His favorite metal is Copper.

His element is Air.

His rank is Duke.

He governs 26 legions.

As he is a day demon, it is better to call him during the day.


Zepar instills love and passion between the sexes. He can make women sterile and make a shape shift.


Zagan is also known as the Egyptian God Dagon.

His zodiac position is 0 to 4 degrees of Aquarius.

The best date to work with him is from the 20th to the 24th of January.

His tarot card is 5 of Swords.

He rules over the Saturn and Uranus.

His favorite candle color is White.

His favorite plant is Hyssop.

His favorite metals are Lead and Uranium.

His element is Air.

His ranks are King and President.

He governs 33 legions.

As he is a night demon, it is better to call him during the night.


Zagan can convert liquids such as water to wine and wine to blood. He can bring humor in all events. Zagan turns metal into coins and gives wit. He can make fools wise and gives wisdom .


Vual is also called Uvall.

His zodiac position is 20 to 24 degrees of Scorpio.

The best date to work with him is from the 13th to the 17th of November.

He rules over the Moon.

His favorite candle color is Dark Blue.

His favorite plant Myrrh.

His favorite metal is Silver.

His element is Water.

His rank is Duke.

He governs 37 legions.

He was of the Order of Potentates/Powers.

As he is a night demon, it is better to call him during the night.


Uvall reveals the future, present, and past. He reconciles enemies and brings a woman's love to a man. He ensures appreciation and creates friendships. He knows everything and can manipulate time.

Uvall is a unisex demon with long blond curls,  green eyes. He is very tall and stocky. Uval's name is pronounced "Ewe-Val". Uvall wears gold armor. His wings are white.