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Can someone unknowingly block out a healing being sent to them?

I know there are healing spells and rituals that can cure almost anything. When someone who has a hire track record of healing people using spells and energy, and someone comes a long that can't be healed... Is this down to the caster, the receiver, or the magick itself?

Spells to heal cavities?

I have a pretty bad tooth cavity. There are spells for laying people to their death but I can't seem to find a single one for healing tooth cavities! This makes no sense to me. I am sure there has to be something, right?

Does anyone know of any?

Does Saint Michael protect and watch over animals?

My friend's mother has a small pendent that her dog wears. It is of Saint Michael and she said that it is because he watches over creatures who watch over us.

I am not sure if this is true or not and can't seem to find any information in any of the books I have on it.

The the bible ever speak on white magick?

I ask because I know white magic deals with angels in many cases and I know their power was demonstrated in the bible on numerous occasions. Does the bible ever directly speak on white magick or is it just lumped in with the "forbidden sins" as they say?

How do I summon Amon?

I would like to try something. I want to attempt to win my ex back via summoning Amon but I do not want to come off as offensive or anything like that. I don't want to do something wrong here either and risk something bad happening to either of us. What is the right way to summon Amon?

Can celibacy make magick more powerful?

I have heard of the no-fap movement and a lot of men (and some women) are singing its praises spiritually, emotionally, and even in terms of energy. 

I want to know if refraining entirely from sex and sexual actions with others would increase this further of if it will end up hindering the power of magick. 

Will Raphael help with commitment issues?

I know a friend who is dating someone who is, to say the least, fearful of commitment. In spite of this, they have been together for 3 years and she wants to know if she should move on or not. She wanted marriage and kids, he don't seem to want that big of a commitment. 


Can she evoke Raphael to heal this in him so he can be the ideal partner for her?

Calling upon St. Expedite for help?

I was told this is who I should ask when I am in need of immediate help with something be it financial, personal, emotional, etc. 

Should I pay him in cake for his services or? I keep reading he loved white and yellow cake. 

Is this a good recipe for Florida Water?

1/2  a gallon of 90 proof alcohol

1 oz. of Lavender oil

1 oz. of Bergamot oil

1 dram of Lemon

1 dram of Clove

1 gallon of water


I want to make sure I am doing this right. I found this recipe on Pinterest so I am not sure how reliable it is for stuff of this nature. If there is a better recipe, let me know!

Palo Mayombe initiation?

What does one need to be initiated into Palo Mayombe?

I ask because it seems like you need A LOT. This is from basic browsing though so I good be taking in way too much information and overwhelming myself. It just seems impossible for anyone to do.