Hello everybody,I just want to introduce myself.I'm Ciel.I'm living in asia.Sorry to use such a rude word but my life was sh*t when I was born until before I know about Anewbiz and his video 
I have a very bad life for example,My family was su*k they have quarrel everyday,two times per day /My own father banish me and mother from house for 5 years and then came back (the reason ? because he was insane and that's all I can tell.) / me and my mother nearly got kill from him many times,I lost count now because it's much / " We " nearly get bankrupt / everything that I wish in my life NEVER success and I always had bad luck on everything that I do.My life was disaster,Misfortune always follow me until I met Anewbiz in Youtube channel.I start to work with first devil : Lord Azazel to change my fate and life,To lead me to success and clear obstacle out of my life.I have very hard time and very hard life here but yes my life was better.Now I start to work with Lord Clauneck about money and wealth,I don't get any result now but Anewbiz once told me in video that Devil wasn't a worker that work for me,They work with me.it takes time and they're doing this in their speed.I don't know and have no idea how long it'll takes but I'll do what it needs to achieve everything that I want.This is my story.

Thank you so much Anewbiz for sharing your knowledge and for your hard work.if I haven't met you maybe I'll have bankrupt by now.