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Jasmine Morris
Jasmine Morris

Here to learn and perfect the craft. 


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Herb magic?

I have bought some herbs to commence a business spell to increase the power of a spell I am yet to do. But.... after putting my intention into these herbs, what do I do with the herbs? Burn them? Bury them? Throw them into a river? 

Any suggestions for herb magic? Most info online is limited as to what to do after using herbs in your work

Is it normal to experience chills/goosebumps when praying to or acknowledging certain entities and spirits?

When I pray, I am experiencing goosebumps right after reading a prayer or doing initiations. 

Is this normal? What is this indicative of? 

Can I call on a demon to help me attract members of the SAME sex?

I have a book on demonic and sexual magick. I was wondering if I could call upon one of the demons listed in an invocation spell, to attract the lust and attention of another woman/women instead of the opposite sex as it mentions?

Magick for physical protection?

I am an individual with high levels of anxiety and I was wondering if there are any seals, chants, spells or herbs to use to enclose a non-physical layer of protection over you and your loved ones/friends?? 

How can I curse someone without being negatively affected? I know there's a way to do this, I just don't know how

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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone, I've been following Anewbiz for almost a year now and every year that goes by, my thirst for knowledge, power, stability, lust and love grows stronger and so does my passion for the occult and similar crafts. I'm based in the UK in England and I don't wish to share much more than that about me. 

I'm here to become powerful in occult practices, to better harness my energy, to find guidance, spiritual support and to connect with spirits, demons, my ancestors and other malevolent entities that can spiritually assist me. I am very much into the left hand path, but also working with deities. 

What is the most powerful spell with not too many ingredients to attract the right person to you? Or attracting multiple suitors, how can I do this also?

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