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lord enki , the blue light bearer

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who does control the karma law like paying  in our new lifes (up coming life) ? is it the ancient gods or is there any higher power who controls it in the fifth dimension ! 

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Divination & Astrology


i've been studying Science of Horoscopes for a long time now ,but when  I study the motion of the planets and observe them and the inflection of it on Horoscope , i found a huge difference between my conclusions and whats  happens in reality .... that I have a belief that when Aquarius era started , all of the plants energy have changed , and thats because of the new ancient  gods who  had toke control over everything and start  Unlocking (broadcasting )a new energy for humanity For spiritual awakening , i hope you say something about it since you have a strong connections with gods ,and you may know more 



















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hello my friend , i have an  inquiry , one of the admins post a subject about how to open closed  chakaras  and you've  posted  about how to close  all of chakaras , so iam so confused what should i do ? should i close my chakaras or opening my closed one's ? , whats the advantages and disadvantages of both of them ? 

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my friend , in the ritual of invoking lord lucifer  you talked about in the last video on your channel on youtube , what should we do with the paper with the symbol after the rituals ?

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closing chakaras

hey my dear friend , I did the chakras ritual shutting down (closing chakaras ) , as you said on this web , is there any Signs that it has closed? like i want to know if i did it  right !  , because after the ritual lord lucifer and lord azazil had came to me in the dream 







my dreams about Lucifer & an evil spirit

hello my dear teacher, i wish if you can explane this dreams for me and what does it mean ...1)after i invoko lord lucifer and went to sleep he came to me as a white angel and kept coming closer putting a white ring in my finger ...and after i woke up i felt that  my hand in heavy //// 2)since i as born there was a evil Christian Spirit from the other world Adjacent to me that worked on destroying my life ,i once knew a girl before one year ago and that evil spirit made the girl move away from me ....all it wants is to Absorb my energy and especially my sexual energy , then  after i finished my meditation and invoking lord lucifer ,i went to sleep and i dreamed that i was with that girl and the evil spirit was with us , then suddenly lord lucifer has showen up as a white angel and he Unleashed a white spiritual energy on both of us me and the girl ,,and this energy forced the evil spirit to run away ,


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