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Sara Tanner
Sara Tanner

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What are some good books on Sephirothic Magick?

I want to do a bit of reading on Sephirothic Magick but I am not sure which books really cover this in depth. I am not bothered by the price, it can be cheap or expensive. I would prefer to be able to buy the books off Amazon though. 

Anyone have any good recommendations? 

Can you practice white magick if you also practice black magick?

I see a lot of conflictions online about this.

Some say you need to choose a path and stick to it, others say you can do both and don't need to align yourself with either as a means to perform magick itself. 

So who is right?

What are some Satanists holidays people celebrate?

I know of a few but there has to be many more. It seems a bulk of the holidays that people celebrate in every day life are either pagan related or Christian related but what about Satanist holidays? 

Is the left hand path really considered self-serving?

I was reading a bit about it and a lot of people state that it is more about the self and being self-serving as in the work done is meant to serve for the greater good of you vs right hand path which is generally for other people. Is the left hand path really considered self-serving?

Where does Qliphoth magick originate from?

I am new to dark/light magic myself, have very little experience with both but more so dark or "black magick". 

I am curious about Qliphoth magick in general and would love to know where it originated from. Anyone know?

Can bad luck be cast onto someone?

I feel like bad luck is a negative energy and when someone has a string of bad luck, it is down to someone cursing them or casting it on to them. I am not entirely sure how it works though, just my guess. 

Can bad luck actually be cast onto other people? 

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Online readings?

Has anyone ever had their cards read for them online?

I am considering trying this as no one in my area offers card readings and it really bums me out. I found a few sites that do it online but I don't know if they are scams or not. 

Tips for Astaroth?

I am considering working with Astaroth and I need to know where to start and what to expect.

Does anyone on here have experience with Astaroth or know someone who has? 

Flies showing up everywhere?

Has anyone ever noticed flies when doing magick? 

I ask because I noticed them a lot lately. Since it is the winter, it really makes no sense to me. I keep finding them in my house from standard flies to fruit flies. They always show up. 

What could this mean?

Can I sent a spirit to protect someone?

I have a friend who has been seemingly stuck in bad luck for the better part of the last 2 years. Bad things just keep happening to her and in her life. Is there a spirit I can send to protect her?