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My name is Migu and I want to join people with the same thinking regarding life and the gods and all spirituality. 

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How to evoke the Elements

How to evoke the Elements

How to evoke the elements
How to evoke the elements

So that you can progress in rising to higher levels of your abilities, you should be a master in both evocation and invocation.


How to evoke Fire

Being in a trance, you visualize yourself in the middle of fire, feeling the heat, the burning, hearing the hissing of the flames. Begin to compress that fire into a space before you, that looks like a ball of fire. Pull the fire from all directions around you and squeeze it into the ball. You should feel hotter and hotter until having the feeling of being in an oven.


Now is the point where you let dissolve the ball of fire and visualize how it is dissipating. Keep on visualizing it disappearing, losing its power and heat, until it's gone.


How to evoke Air

Being in a trance, you visualize yourself in the middle of air. Pull the air simultaneously from all directions around you into a ball before you. By going on filling that ball of air, you should feel as light as having the feeling of floating.


Then you let dissolve it as you did with the ball of fire.


How to evoke Water

Being in a trance, you visualize yourself in the middle of the sea or a lake. Pull the water from all directions around you to your body. First, you should feel the water like a cold vapor. The closer you pull it to your body and compressing it, the colder you should feel it until finally, you should feel it icy cold.


Then you press it into a ball before you and let it dissolve as you did with the elements above until it's gone.


How to evoke Earth

Being in a trance, you pull a mass like clay simultaneously from all directions around you. Bring it closer and closer to you, while it is getting dark and brown, like soil. When you feel its pressure on your body, its heaviness, you visualize how you squeeze it into a ball in front of you. Let it dissolve as you already did with the other elements.


Try this one:

You evoke the element fire. Have a glass of tepid water before you. Pull the fire from all directions around you and condense it into the glass, while you imagine how the water is getting hotter and hotter.


The water's temperature will rise a few degrees if you are successful.

How to overcome Obstacles

How to overcome Obstacles

How to overcome Obstacles
How to overcome Obstacles

After having put energy consistently into something, but nothing has manifested, or differently, you have to find out why.


It is essential that you really want what you are working for to achieve your goals. Ensure to put your energy into what you really want. And also, be sure that you can accept all the changes that occur. Be aware, keep in mind, take into consideration what may be the side-effects of the changes that you wish to happen. What you desire is what will manifest in your life.


Some people have subconscious barriers, like, for example, fear of change, or something else that happens while aiming what they desire. These barriers can ruin a working, although one is not aware of it. Know yourself.


The following could be a reason not to get what you wish.


  • If your soul has much power, it is easy to reach what you want. But having too little can make things difficult. Always keep in mind your focus of working.
  • Always be aware of what are the particular phrases that you repeat over and over again. Maybe, they do not agree with what you try to achieve. Always be careful - you are what you think and say. 
  • Regarding an illness, don't just say that's karma. You can overcome it by applicating the knowledge that you get in the occult.
  • Where there is a will, there is a way. Do not say "I can't afford it", but "How can I afford it?". Use positive statements. Say "This is mine".  And always in the present tense.


Maybe you have unconscious barriers included in your obstacles. Ask your mind, "why doesn't it work the way I want it to?" and find out. It could be that those obstacles origin in early childhood or previous lifetimes.


Once you discovered them, you're already half-way. You now put your meditations and energies into destroying them by applying positive statements in the present tense. Destroy the obstacles first. Then, you take in mind your main goal. 


An over-all affirmation: "Any obstacle preventing me from having ……., is getting destroyed and dissolved."

How to do workings the right way

How to do workings the right way

How to do workings the right way
How to do workings the right way

Spiritual power or workings, for example, spells, are deals you have to repeat again and again, consistently and regularly. They are not a one time affair, except one having a very strong soul. Only a few are successful with only one working, but this is not the norm.


When undertaking a significant working, for most people, there must be repetition. If one's soul is powerful, there is a good chance that less repetition is necessary. But 99% of the time once only is not enough. Energy needs time to build up. Skipping meditation or working should not be the intention. It also helps a lot if you build up a union, where all members have a strong soul, though.


Your meditation or working has to be engraved into your energy centers, into your soul like metal is engraved. You can reach this through repeated affirmations and using white-gold light. It is essential to have an active experience, not just theory.


Your soul needs to be strong if you want to change your fate. Empowering your energy centers should be a daily must-be. This you can achieve, for example, with yoga, breathing exercises of whatever is convenient for you. 


For your affirmations, you could use a Satanic rosary by repeating them – in a short manner and present tense. Do this for all 108 beads, while you focus on the light, that complements the working. For a significant working you should repeat it every day for 40 days. 40 is the number of Satan, as well as is number 9. These significant ancient numbers vibrate in a particular mode.


You need a strong mind when doing spell-working. It is not enough to only repeating affirmations without having the right mindset. As I already mentioned several times in previous guides, you need patience and persistence, as time will bring progress. Do not get discouraged and keep on working.


Never doubt in your working, even if there may be a setback. Keep on doing your affirmations by visualizing light energy and focusing on your mind.

How to prepare for Meditation

How to prepare for Meditation

How to prepare for Meditation
How to prepare for Meditation

Of course, you need a quiet place where your mind and your body can relax and finally find a trance state, what is most effective. It is easy for masters to get into this state, no matter what the environment or circumstances are. In fact, regular meditation makes you calm and cool.


Here are some possibilities how to prepare for meditation


  • If there is time enough, yoga exercises are a very good way of calming your body and soul
  • Specific breathing exercises
  • Sound listening
  • Sitting or lying, while starting with your feed relaxing them, let them fall. Do this all the way up to your head.
  • Concentrate on the energy around you for several minutes. Then the same with the energy inside your body. Take your time and switch a few times between them to feel it.
  • Relaxation by sexual orgasm is an excellent chance to visualize how energy is flowing from your base chakra up your spine. Opening your chakras and cleaning them is what orgasm does naturally.


Avoid disturbing noise at your meditation area.

You may not be tired to fall asleep.

Do not overeat before meditating, but don't be hungry.


If you are already advanced, you can reach a trance state, although there may be deflections, for example, a specific thought. Just be honest to yourself and, in agreement with your mind, put this thought aside. After the session, you can face it.


It is individual how long one has to follow this practice. Like always, be patient and consistent.

How to understand the Third Eye

How to understand the Third Eye

How to understand the Third Eye
How to understand the Third Eye

The Third Eye is placed on the middle of your forehead, little above the brows. Behind in the middle of your head, there is the Sixth Chakra. A bit below that, you can find the pineal gland. Your Third Eye is the eye of your soul – your psychic sight. 


As already a very long time, humanity is nearly being isolated from working with the pineal gland. That is why energy can not circulate as needed. Today, people's pineal gland is atrophied and almost sleeping.


Once you were lucky to let energy flow further up to your Crown Chakra, this is easy to open. As the Third Eye contains the astral sight, astral images can be sent to your brain. And also is it essential concerning telepathy, or influencing other people. You can do so by thinking energy should be directed to the other person's third eye.


Eyesight, the sinuses, and the skin, as well as seeing auras or seeing energy is under control of the Third Eye together with the Sixth Chakra. In the Sixth Chakra, the two Kundalini serpents meet. When the Kundalini gets through the Sixth Chakra to open it, often, people experience a flash of light.


As the Third Eye is related to the Sixth Chakra and the pineal gland, opening it, is one of the most significant steps regarding consciousness.

How to do Power Meditation

How to do Power Meditation

How to do Power Meditation
How to do Power Meditation

Propose you want to do a powerful meditation for a certain purpose. Then it is necessary to do affirmations on how the energy should manifest. These affirmations have to be as specific as possible with as little words as possible. The energy does exactly what you tell it.

For example, you want to lose weight. Don’t just say, “I lose weight”. You surely do not want to lose weight because of sickness. So you could say, “I lose body fat that I don’t need anymore in a completely healthy way". The affirmations that you say have to be physically possible and need to be able to manifest in reality.

You have to tell your affirmations always in the present tense, and you must have the desire, faith, and will - so the desired will manifest. 

You should always face only one problem you want to solve by meditating. If you have finished the meditation, you need no more think about it. Just let it flow.

We can program our aura/soul for certain things. The program knows what to do; just let it go and manifest. Now and then, it may be needful to reinforce the program by meditating and saying again affirmations. Still it will stay in your soul. Forever.

How to open a blocked Chakra

How to open a blocked Chakra

How to open a blocked Chakra
How to open a blocked Chakra

Preferably, all chakras are open so that energy can flow the right way. In case one is blocked, you need to open that one. Blocked chakras are not able to absorb energy on their own and can make you sick. If you have a feeling of burning in one of the chakras, you know that the one above it is blocked.


Breathe white-gold light/energy into the blocked chakra, hold your breath for a few seconds, and see how the chakra is engulfed by the light/energy. While you exhale, you expand and brighten the chakra.


Now you inhale through the base chakra brilliant white-gold light and bring it up your spine, pass the chakra, that you try to open and let it out of your crown.


Exhale and see your chakra expanded and bright. Below you can find the mantra for the specific chakra you are working on, vibrating the mantra while you exhale. Do this several times or as long as you feel comfortable.


  • 1st chakra:  LAUM [vibrate LLAHHH – UUU – MMM]
  • 2nd chakra: VAUM [VAHHH – UUU -MMM]
  • 3rd chakra:  RAUM [RAHHH – UUU – MMM]
  • 4th chakra: YAUM [YYAHHH – UUU – MMM]
  • 5th chakra:  HAUM [HAHHH – UUU – MMM]
  • 6th chakra: AUM   [AHHH – UUU – MMM]
  • 7th chakra:  MAUM [MMAHHH – UUU -MMM]


You need to roll the 'R's and pronounce the 'U's as in the word 'blue'.


It is not enough to do the above exercise one time only. You need to practice it again and again. Every day as long as there is a problem. Be patient and persisting.

How to do Chakra Spinning

How to do Chakra Spinning

Chakra Spinning
Chakra Spinning

In case you lack the time or the necessary privacy, you can apply this meditation, which only takes a few minutes. But you must also be tuned in and focused, though. 


Visualize your base chakra, looking like a pyramid spinning like a vortex. Spin it until it spins on its own. Its color is a powerful red vibrating one, while the peak of the pyramid is pointing upwards.


Follow this procedure for each chakra all the way up to your crown chakra. Visualize the corresponding brilliant light.


  • 1st pointing upwards, red-colored
  • 2nd upwards, orange
  • 3rd downwards, gold/yellow
  • 4th this chakra's form is similar to a yoni, green
  • 5th downwards, rich sky blue
  • 6th downwards, indigo/bluish-violet
  • 7th downwards, purple


The sixth chakra is not your third eye. The third eye is the extension of your sixth chakra. So you concentrate on the middle of your head, as this is the center where the sixth chakra is located.


Some can see the colors at once, others after a particular time. If the color of a chakra is dark, it is not functioning the right way. 


Preferably your chakras spin at a higher speed. To keep us safe and healthy both in the astral and physical environment. And it's required doing the Chakra Spinning each day. It is a step by step procedure that strengthens itself day by day, though. 


Inhale, invoke light energy to empower your soul, because our soul is made of light.

How to strengthen your Aura

How to strengthen your Aura

How to strenghten your Aura
How to strenghten your Aura

For getting extra energy into your aura, this meditation is very powerful. One should do this, preferably outside, where you can draw power from the Sun, which is amplifying the energy.


  • Get into a trance state and start to clean your aura (please also have a look at the guide "How to clean your Aura" from Anewbiz and me).


  • Inhale energy for about six breaths, while you are visualizing brilliant white-gold light that is surrounding your head. Feel this energy and visualize it inside your head and also outside. Do this for several minutes.


  • Breathe in energy and visualize an even brighter light on your chakras in the head; crown, third eye, and sixth chakra behind the third eye. For each, take several minutes.


  • Move on to your throat chakra, then to your heart, solar plexus, and base chakra. On every chakra, you proceed as mentioned above, about six inhales, visualizing a very bright light on each.


You should not practice this meditation before you go to sleep. You could have difficulties to fall asleep.


Furthermore, there are more than just the main chakras — for example, shoulder chakras, elbow, wrist, hand chakras, and some more.


I recommend starting with the main chakras until you have enough practice. Then you can particularize your meditation and can even use the energy for healing. Focus the specific part on the body for, let's say, ten to fifteen minutes. Do it every day.

How to get into a Trance

How to get into a Trance (Guide)

How to get  into a deep Trance
How to get  into a deep Trance

Our unconscious is located on the right side of our brains. So that we can get access to it and program it as we wish, we need to switch off our left behalf. This left side, when active in thinking, stops us from entering into the right one, where also our Astral Power is situated.


Every one of us is individual, and for the ones, it is easier to reach this state, while for others, it takes more time. Anyway, it needs practice, and you have to take your time, being patient, and persistent.


  1. Get into a relaxed state while sitting comfortably.
  2. Inhale, hold it, and breathe out for a few seconds each until you reach complete relaxation. Preferably, you do not feel your body anymore.
  3. Imagine how you are climbing down a ladder; just feel it, do not visualize. When you breathe out, feel yourself going down when you breathe in, you are holding still.
  4. Then, you release the ladder and free fall to the back. You need this mental falling combined with deep relaxation and mental silence, to bring down your brain wave activity.
  5. Ending the trance: Move your fingers and toes, hands, and arms; just move your whole body slowly. Get up and walk around.


Once again, take your time. When in trance, you feel things getting quieter. There may not be any noise, especially no sharp ones. You may never be disturbed or startled out of a trance because this could cause extreme pain, maybe for days.


After you have trained your mind to go deeper and deeper into the trance, it is getting easier and easier.