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What do Enochian angels do?

I know a few by name but never understood the real purpose. A friend of mine is really into white magick and angels. I would love to impress her with some knowledge. We became friends shortly after I started working at the local coffee shop. 

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I didn't notice an introduction area. 

I just wanted to say hello and that I am happy to have found this place. I am currently learning Reiki and the healing energies and powers of stones and crystals as well as color energy. I plan to open my own health and healing studio in the future. 

How can I become more happy with my physical self?

I know the outward appearance of us all is just a shell and I should take care of myself but I often feel unattractive. I am slightly overweight, my hair is thing, pale skin, I am short and I don't have any distinctive features that stand out about me. I remember being in school and just being invisible. 

How can I become more happy with how my physical body looks?

What is Perfume Magick?

I heard someone mention this and I am curious about it. I guess it is the practice of using scents in place of magick but it tends to me magick itself? I am a bit confused by this. 

What oils or spells should I use for my hormones?

My hormones are out of balance. I have read that certain spells or oils can help balance them out. I have been experiencing weight gain, hair loss, tiredness, and joint pain from my imbalance. 

What are the corresponding beings/energies of water?

Similar to fire, I would love to know the corresponding beings and energies. I know there are specific energies and higher beings that belong to each element. 

What are the corresponding beings/energies of fire?

I am doing a bit of research. I would love to know the corresponding beings and energies of the element of fire. What these characteristics? 

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