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Tian Karuthasami
Tian Karuthasami

I have been a tamil/shaivism hindu for a while but over time i have been drawn to the occult. i would love to expand my knowledge on the topic.

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Last night i had a dream that i picked a jet black rose from my garden. later in the dream i wished to become the strongest man in the world and it came true, but it was bad and i regretted it and it turned into a nightmare. this will be relevant if you read to the end!!! Today i did a Lilith meditation for the first time and she had the most potent energy of any spirit i have ever worked with. It was like i was wrapped in a blanket of darkness and i was floating deep in the cosmos. Eventually i came across a temple that looked like a gothic castle. i landed at the gates which where decorated with roses and snakes and i stepped on the path towards the double doors of her house. once i was inside everything was dark and the only light was the red moonlight which came through the tall windows. i saw her sitting on a black throne in the centre of her grand hall. there was food placed for her and other drinks on a long table behind me. she looked happy to see me. she had a strong, proud and feminine voice. she took her hand with nails long and black and reached into my heart centre and pulled out what looked like stale energy. then she took a golden ball of light and put it in my chest. in return i gave her the same black rose from my dream. she was absolutely absolutely delighted to have this black rose. after that i thanked lilith and left the meditation. 

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Rumours of a War in Hell

I have heard rumours in the occult community that there a war in hell against Lucifer. The rumours are some spirits and demons think he has become similar Jehovah and his rule has become somewhat tyrannical. i have even asked the spirits about this and they have said it is true. i asked lucifer about this and he said its not true but i think it is. Rumour has it that one spirit in particular wants to overthrow lucifer but i dont think i should say who.  what are your thoughts on this?

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