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Nichole M.
Nichole M.

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Chaos Magick

Is Chaos Magick Dangerous?

I have heard of some of the deepest and darkest magick being dangerous to mess which but everyone I seem to ask this to online says not to mess with chaos magick because it is a very advanced form of magick. Is it really that dangerous? 

Are psychic powers the same as tapping into your intuition?

When I am really relaxed and have good rest, it seems I am very intuitive about my surrounds. I often get answers before the questions even arise. It made me think, could this be a form or psychic energy or what?

What is Palo Mayombe?

I have heard of it but never properly research Palo Mayombe. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to tribe magick so I wanted to see if someone here can answer it for me. What is it, where did it originate, and who practices it? 

Is all voodoo bad?

I always hear and see voodoo being done by someone from a place of "evil" in the sense that they mean to cause harm to someone else. I am curious though, since all energy has both light and dark sides, is there a type of voodoo practice meant to do good to others?

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What is your favorite seasonal celebration?

I have always been drawn to Mabon myself considering it is the start of my favorite weather season, Fall! It always deals with harvest and rest. I attended a festival for it this year and LOVED it. The energy, the people, it was amazing. 

Christmas is a Pagan holiday, not a Christian one!

I love telling people this and having them look at me like I am stupid even though the context is in the bible as well as in the story of Christmas itself. The holiday is meant as a means to celebrate Odin, the sun god. In the bible, he was known as a man named Nimrod. He married his mother and later died. He was reincarnated into a tree to which his wife chopped down, carried into her home, and adorned with gold and silver. His birthday was said to be on December 25th as well. Pretty interesting, right!?

Are young modern Pagans more in it for the trend?

I know this sounds silly but I feel like there is a trend with younger people today in the pagan scene and they more a less do it, not to actually be a part of it but because it is what everyone around them is doing. Kind of like a herd mindset in action. I am sure this doesn't cause any harm but it seems to really take away from the value of Paganism. 

Energy Vampires

I think most of us have one of these in our lives. People who literally suck the life and energy out of us with their negative thoughts, actions, and way of being. They seem to get high off other people's misery so when you are left half awake and feeling awful, they are souring high. 

Do you have any energy vampires in your life? How do you deal with them?

If someone curses you, how do you lift it?

I feel like this is something that happens every day without most people realizing it. People go around mindlessly cursing each other. I believe you don't need spells to do this because our words are just that powerful. If someone is cursing you behind your back, how do you lift it? Should you use a mirror technique and send it back? 

Can you will yourself to win the lottery?

I have heard of people tapping into their mind so deep that they were actually able to command themselves to win the lottery. I know a woman who has won over 70K since August playing the lottery and I think this might be part of her secret. Can you do something like this?